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  1. Peak Pilots L.P (Organoise & Natural Disaster)
    by Peak Pilots
  2. Modular Improvisation @ Isis Music Hall
    by EarthCry
  3. Groovity - Post Shamanic Stress Disorder
    by Flooting Grooves
  4. Chacaruna compiled by Emiel
    by Various Artists (Sangoma Records)
  5. Occer - Leed me
    by Technophobia Records
  6. V.A. Sonic Immersion - Compiled by Artech
    by Anarkick Records
  7. Chai, Chillum, Chalo
    by Kabayun & Drip Drop - Sangoma Records
  8. Chimerical
    by Mark Day
    by Martian Arts, Black Noise
  10. Chaos Before Order EP
    by Martian Arts
  11. Matinino
    by Matinino
  12. The Neck Is The Bridge To The Body
    by Kaki King
  13. Small Talk Series Vol.7
    by Zenon Records
  14. Progressive Awakening
    by Various Artists
  15. AriiieK
    by Headworks
  16. The Clear Path
    by Various Artists
  17. Space Cat
    by Southwild
  18. Space Apes EP
    by Filterheads
  19. Sychotria - From The Woodland
    by Sychotria
  20. The Cannonball Family (Promo Party CD)
    by Ayauma Records