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  1. Under magnetic sleep
    by Emanation
    Under Magnetic Sleep Under Magnetic Sleep
    Music production fans out there: has it ever happened to you that you are putting up your project after recording all the instruments, then you start leveling and mixing a bit there and there, plugins plugouts... and then you suddenly, completely out of honest stupidity, you touch or move something from where it was supposed to be, and even if you don't quite grasp the idea of what the fuck you just did, the entire project sounds utterly fucked up to the core? Well, that is the feeling I have got after going through my first full listen of this album: somebody dragged the tracks out of place and said "nah, fuck it, MIXDOWN THIS JOINT". Now - doesn't this sound negative? It would seem so. Fairly, yes. But here I am, dropping some lines on the page of the album I just purchased. Because I want to get this confused again, wondering how these tracks have accompanied me so unnaturally yet pleasantly while reading. I just loved every chaotic bit of this whatthefuckness.
  2. Manifestation
    by Spectral Apparition
    Corpselight, Illuminate Me Corpselight, Illuminate Me
  3. Nihil Manifesto
    by Meszaroth
    Mors Genesis Collapse Mors Genesis Collapse
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  4. Si Devs Esset Occidendvs Erit -Monvmentvm ab Khaos I-
    by Hipoxia
    Nothing Nothing
  5. Longing for the Untold
    Prison of Shattered Glass Prison of Shattered Glass
  6. Purging Tongues
    by Teitanblood
    Purging Tongues Purging Tongues
    Teitanblood makes the rest of the BM scene look like fucking weak pussies.
  7. Seven Chalices
    by Teitanblood
    Whore mass Whore mass
    by ZOM
    Conquest Conquest
    Let this cavernous sounding abomination devour you whole. Turn the lights off, pour yourself an old ass fucking whiskey, crank the fuck up of your stereo and thank me later, you worhless asshole!!
  9. Split 7"EP
    Aversio Humanitatis - The Ever Shifting Path Aversio Humanitatis - The Ever Shifting Path
    I thought that it was goosebumps that I felt listening to this; but, oh boy, was I wrong! I am certain now: this is the very flames of the deepest pit in hell scorching my body and soul feet to head. My senses get raped and tortured whenever I challenge life by listening to this. And what a joyful time it is. Aversio's track must be one of the darkest, most powerful musical expressions out there. Not even joking.

    Be a man, grow some balls and give this a profound listen, faggot!
  10. Necroangels' Revelations
    by BALMOG
    First Revelation First Revelation
  11. Pleroma of Uncreation
    by Andhord
    Clauldrons of Sabbath Clauldrons of Sabbath
  12. Revelation
    by Andhord
    Where The Serpents May Be Seen Where The Serpents May Be Seen
  13. Circumambulating the Stillborn
    by Serpents Lair
    Epipháneia Epipháneia
  14. Söngvar elds og óreiðu
    by Misþyrming
    Söngur heiftar Söngur heiftar