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Vapour Lemuel

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  1. Bellum I
    by Aquilus
  2. Symphonies of True Misanthropy
    by Fathomage
  3. Necrohermitage of the Emotionally Starved
    by Fathomage
  4. Yerushaláyim
    by Fathomage
  5. Minas Morgul - The Nazgûl Awaken
    by Fathomage
  6. Psalms of Reverence and Lamentations
    by Fathomage
  7. Live at WMFO Medford - Bandcamp Exclusive
    by Era Nocturna
  8. EAGLA AGUS CRITH (fear and trembling)
    by Leper
  9. Weapon of Choice
    by Savi0r
    Doom Doom
    Great industrial blend. Very similar sound to imperative reaction
  10. Maelstrom
    by Dead Turns Alive
  11. Judgement And Restoration
    by Ethereal Scourge
    by ballpeen hammer
  13. Fall of the Beast
    by Enemies of Antichrist
  14. Nameless: Vol 1
    by Leper
    by ballpeen hammer
    Caesar's law Caesar's law
    Ballpeen Hammer brings the gritty industrial noise that is a pleasure to be exposed to. My ears thank you.
  16. Mankind Must Be Erased
    by Non Compliant Machines
  17. Bodies To The Wolves
    by Within The Torn Apart
  18. There Will Be Grief
    by Reality Has Collapsed
  19. All hail and farewell to thee
    by David J Coats
  20. A Eulogy For Mankind (Revision)
    by Faithless Minutes Devoured