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  1. Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire (feat. Fright Ranger) (Odyssey Eurobeat Remix)
    by Disko Warp
  2. Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire (feat. Fright Ranger) (S3RL vs. JUSTiNB Remix)
    by Disko Warp
  3. DjanGo
    by Dr. Gabriel
  4. Ridin' With U
    by KIRA ft. GUMI
  5. Burn Me Down
    by KIRA ft. GUMI
  6. Glass Wall
    by ASDR
  7. Sleepless Nights
    by Crusher-P
  8. Friendzone (ft. Zhenya)
    by Vau Boy
  9. If I Was Gone - Extended
    by Odyssey Eurobeat
  10. The Day I Die
    by KIRA ft. Ruby
  11. Eurobeat Kudos 18
    by Go2,Fastway,Damon,Pamsy,Christine,Mel White,Van T.K.,Tricky,Kiki&Fancy,Vivi,Ace,N. Mansell
  12. Eurobeat Kudos 13
    by Ace, Fastway, Pamsy, Dusty, Lucya, Fancy, Christine, Irene, Vanilla, L. Lion, D. Ropa, Nick Mansell
  13. Eurobeat Kudos 11
    by Kiki & Kika,Martina X,Doctor Stranger,Fastway,Dusty,Christine,Milena Farrow,David Road,ecc
  14. The Master Ov Time, Pt. II: Salvation
    by Magic Hammer
  15. Feel Like This
    by Darren Styles & Gammer
  16. 715
    by Circus-P
  17. Neon
    by Travis Stebbins
  18. Lucid (Deluxe Edition)
    by Circus-P
    The World Tonight The World Tonight
  19. Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire Remixes
    by Fright Ranger
    Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire (Magic Hammer Til Death Mix) Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire (Magic Hammer Til Death Mix)
  20. My Name is McBazooka
    by Anthony McBazooka
    Speed of Light Speed of Light
  21. Beneath The Lights (Darren Styles Remix)
    by Molly
  22. Most Extreme Ultimate Thunder
    by Magic Hammer
    Pills I Took Pills I Took
  23. Running In The Rain
    by ほたる
  24. Discord 2015 (ft. Odyssey)
    by Eurobeat Brony
  25. Nothing Can Stop Me - Single
    by T.J. Thornberry
  26. Idris - I Believe
    by Idris
  27. Idris & Zyrion - Serendipity
    by Idris & Zyrion
  28. Eurobeat Instrumental
    by Hotblade, Fastway, Ace & Pamsy, GO2, An-G, Bliss, Irene
    Inside My Soul - Instrumental Vers. Inside My Soul - Instrumental Vers.
  29. Passion of the Manwhore
    by SexuaLobster
  30. Persephone
    by MJQ x EmpathP feat. Hatsune Miku
    Persephone feat. Aki Glancy Persephone feat. Aki Glancy
  31. Creative (Deluxe Edition) - EP
    by Creep-P
    Creative (Circus' Hardcore Remix) Creative (Circus' Hardcore Remix)
  32. aiSeNMa
    by Circus-P
  33. EUROKUDOS Special Bandcamp Selection
    by Eurobeat Brony, Ace & Pamsy, Lou Master
  34. Ancient Artifact ARGÓS-CCCIII
    by Rotteen
  35. Legacy Soundtrack
    by Eddsworld
  36. Volume 6 - Gaming & TV Themes
    by Walt Ribeiro
  37. Daft Punk 'One More Time'
    by Walt Ribeiro
  38. Sailors [Enhanced Version]
    by Odyssey
  39. Kiss Me Kill Me
    by Odyssey
  40. Walk This Way
    by David Dima
  41. Eurobeat Forever Vol. 1
    by Eurobeat Forever