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Kadin Wisniewski

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  2. Metal
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  1. Danse Macabre IV: Survival of the Fittest
    by Big Mat Attacks Presents...
  2. Danse Macabre 6
    by Sindravania Projects & Viking Guitar Productions
  3. Danse Macabre 7
    by Sindravania Projects & Viking Guitar Productions
  4. Lyse [Void_045]
    by (703) 863-4357
  5. A Blackened Earth
    by 100 Years of Solitude
  6. The Oceanic Tomes (ft. Blake Tanberk)
    by A Place of Owls
  7. 2007 Demo
    by Abnormality
  8. The Collective Calm in Mortal Oblivion
    by Abnormality
  9. Contaminating The Hive Mind
    by Abnormality
  10. Mechanisms of Omniscience
    by Abnormality
  11. Sociopathic Constructs
    by Abnormality
  12. Lament
    by Abyssmal Sorrow
    Requiem For The Dying Moon Requiem For The Dying Moon
    This is some of the darkest and most despair-filled music I've ever heard.
  13. A Thousand Words
    by Adam Kluga
    Convoluted Convoluted
    Really nice little collection of ambient guitar music.
  14. The Lunar Maria
    by Adrift For Days
    Messages Through Sleep Messages Through Sleep
    Really awesome psychedelic doom metal. This is a truly unique band.
  15. Come Midnight...
    by Adrift For Days
    Back of the Beyond Back of the Beyond
    The atmospheres on this album are masterful. Adrift For Days conjures up some really powerful images through their music.
  16. A Sleepless Grey
    by Adrift For Days
    When The Knot Unties When The Knot Unties
    A Sleepless Grey is pretty different from Adrift For Days's previous albums, in a lot of very good ways. The amount of new sonic territory the band explores on this album and how well they incorporate these new ideas into their existing sound is really impressive. This is their best work to date in my opinion.
  17. We Sold Our Souls On 28/07/12
    by Adrift For Days
    Back of the Beyond (live) Back of the Beyond (live)
  18. As The Minutes Pass
    by Adrift For Days
    Interesting to hear a different side of Adrift For Days! Really aggressive, heavy, and groovy.
  19. Aeolist
    by Aeolist
    I I
    I don't know what ever happened to this band, but I really wish they would release more music. This EP is phenomenal.
  20. Rhythm of the Slaughter
    by Age of End