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  1. Angraecum
    by Lampcat
  2. Touhou: Fraternity of Melancholy
    by Princess Sylvysprit
  3. Burning Homework
    by Alex Yin
  4. 東方懐旧合成 ~ Synthesized Memories
    by Silent Sinner in Scarlet
  5. festival - a touhou album
    by sladjkf
  6. 東方 ~ palettes
    by sladjkf
  7. 幻想郷深夜ドライブ (Gensokyo Midnight Drive) Vol.1
    by Violet Delta
  8. sealed world suite
    by 11th hour
  9. Touhou Orchestral Suite III - Journey
    by crescentia
  10. Hoarfrost Kingdom
    appears in 1 other collection
  11. Yuuto Ichika Makes Friends OST (Gameboy)
    by Princess Sylvysprit
  12. Len'en Project Arranged
    by BlindVoid
  13. Touhou Weird 8 bit Project
    by Stas Gavrik
  14. Shangri-La Storm
    by 趣味工房にんじんわいん[CarrotWine.]
  15. 神授ノ書 Hollow Song of Birds - Original Soundtrack
    by Wanwan
  16. Corpus Theory
    by Lampcat
  17. Akyu's Untouched Eurobeat Vol. 1
    by ShinkoNet
  18. Million Stars
    by Norowareta Night
  19. H.J.Freaksの神妙旅楽団 Vol.4 天空Show!!
    by H​.​J​.​Freaks no Shinmyou​-​Ryogakudan
  20. one for all
    by Lampcat
  21. Mosaic
    by Plantagenia
  22. Bad Apple
    by Idisi
  23. New Age Fantasia
    by Novaneo
    by Spacelectro
  25. Daybreak
    by Higan Daybreak
  26. Delusional Makai: Lotus Land Square
    by Various Artists
    by Hidden Masquerade
  28. Yuuto Ichika's One Time Wonder OST
    by Princess Sylvysprit
  29. TOHO VOCAL EDM2 (東方ボーカルEDM2)
    by Spacelectro
  30. Vida
    by Kiryu
  31. Quest.
    by Kiryu
  32. Rumble Temple
    by Hidden Masquerade
  33. Iris: The 20th Anniversary Collab
    by Various Artists
    by zetoban
  35. Fearless Desire
    by Sieudiver
  36. 自由な精神 ~ To Drink From Life Itself (Single)
    by Maiden's Capriccio
  37. Highest Peak of Enlightenment
    by Maiden's Capriccio
  38. 尊 ~ Eastern Wonderland
    by ArmpitMaiden
  39. Mirrored Worlds
    by Frozen Starfall
  40. Spectrum
    by Norowareta Night
  41. For the Travelers
    by Releska
  42. 北海道調査 ~ Traces of Utopian Civilisation
    by Aka Kyuketsuki
  43. Sunlight Diamonds
    by Frozen Starfall
  44. TAHWA EP
    by Alter Synth
  45. Back To Life
    by AdeleyWolfy