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  2. Experimental
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  1. Cotton Crown / PCH
    by Sonic Youth
  2. by sonnov
  3. Sharp Teeth
    by Cement Tea
  4. Brash Pussy
    by Dog As Master
    Brash Pussy, Side 2 Brash Pussy, Side 2
    This work of noise created at a point in history which pre-dates the abundance of digital devices on hand with which to create anything at all gives the overwhelming majority today's noise artists more than just a run for their money. It wipes the floor with them. The sheer brilliance of Side 2 being Side 1 backwards makes this one of my favourite noise works of all time. Almost everything forwards is something else entirely backwards.
  5. Clean
    by Severed Heads
  6. GNU
    by GNU
    Death Star Death Star
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  7. Demos and Unfinished Tracks
    by GNU
    Eeat My Head Eeat My Head
  8. Live at the Annandale
    by GNU
    Truth Is A Problem Truth Is A Problem
  9. Bizarre Alien Pacer
    by GNU
    666 With Hair 666 With Hair
  10. EP 1
    by Daydreamers
    We'll Be There Tonight We'll Be There Tonight
  11. EP 2
    by Daydreamers
    Sea Of Tranquility Sea Of Tranquility
  12. Different creature EP
    by Ethan Walsh
    Different creature Different creature
  13. Half Life: A Serum Compilation
    by Serum Records
    Dark Love Poem Dark Love Poem
    An awesome showcase of an all but forgotten 1990s inner Western Sydney scene. Once upon a time I owned a copy of this CD. Anyone interested in a slightly higher quality version of track one search 'Midget - Phil' on to YouTube.
  14. Kairos
  15. Dream Simulations: Live at Duplex
    by B Á R A
  16. Eternal Exchange, No Refund
    by PKWST
  17. Untitled
    by Arv & Miljö | Krube.
  18. Drip Tray recorded at Troy Horse Studios October 1990
    by Drip Tray
    You You
  19. Drip Tray eats out - Drip Tray at White Room Studios, in June 1987
    by Drip Tray
    Deathwish thrusters Deathwish thrusters
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  20. SUNN O))) - 2005.03.09, Gaelic Club, Sydney, AUS
    by SUNN O)))