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  1. BAM BOO
  2. Mount Sinai​/​Aswan
    by Wyatt E.
  3. Blood Salt Sacrifice
    by MAMA DOOM
  4. Najing
    by Najing
  5. Growth
    by Moonstone
    fan club exclusive
  6. The Subtle & The Dense
    by Samsara Joyride
  7. Burning Time (ep)
    by PIA ISA
  8. Thou Art There: Live at the Obelisk All-dayer
    by Snail
  9. Le Jazz Se Lève
    by Dark Jazz Cafe Assembly
  10. Deathcult Of The Snake
    by Witchsnake
  11. Growing Old on a Dying Planet
    by CIA Hippie Mind Control
  12. The First One
    by Inside Of Me
  13. Metalunya
    by Astral Warrior
  14. SPLIT w// Bonestorm
    by Bon Braguer
  15. Summon Sorceress
    by Skull Servant
  16. Tant de bo no us agradi
    by Bon Braguer
  17. Nyctophillia
    by The Watchers
  18. Poison Everything
    by Obliterations
  19. November - Remixed & Remastered
    by Crushing Yellow Sun
  20. The Stony Point Sessions
    by Dead Panda