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Jha Vie

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  1. Complete Blinding Darkness
    by GraveRipper
  2. Radiated Remains
    by GraveRipper
  3. Slay In Hell
    by Steel Bearing Hand
  4. The YELLOWGOAT Sessions
    by Joel Grind
  5. Murder Season
    by Black Knife
  6. Changeling
    by Gossamer
  7. Split CS
    by Black Knife/Ritual Moon
  8. Sorceress
    by Blood Curse
  9. The Chamber of Mazarbul [EP]
    by Grimdor
  10. Battle at the Bridge of Khazad-dûm (Single)
    by Grimdor
  11. The Lonely Mountain [EP]
    by Grimdor
  12. Tharkûn (Demo)
    by Grimdor
  13. Stone of the Hapless [EP]
    by Grimdor
  14. The Mountain Path (Demo)
    by Grimdor
  15. The Red Eye of Sauron (Single)
    by Grimdor
  16. Mindnumbing Pleasure
    by Loud Night
  17. Ritual Moon I
    by Ritual Moon
  18. Outbreak
    by Vandallus
  19. Sulphuric Omnipotence
    by Fornicus
  20. Locked In (Demo 2020)
    by Konstanza