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  1. Pain Split
    by Plead the Widow's Cause
    Disrespect for a Voice Unheard Disrespect for a Voice Unheard
    Great Spirit Filled Post Hardcore act!!! These guys remind me of Idle Threat., Emberheart, Lighthouses, and Underoath all mixed together!!! Highly recommend!!!
  2. Reality
    by Redeemed By The Blood
    Reality Reality
    Amazing Christian metalcore from the Philippines complete with blast beats, break downs, and blazing guitar solos!!! Take For Today, add in some Theocracy, and top it off with early Zao Shawn Jonas type vocals!!! Great stuff here, guys!!!
  3. Pressure EP
    by NYVES
    Common Ground Common Ground
    I've never been into Demon Hunter. In all honesty the only projects I've liked that Ryan Clark has been involved with are Focal Point and Training for Utopia. Nyves however reaches me greatly! It takes me back to my days of middle school when I was listening to artists such as Depeche Mode and others now considered darkwave. I highly recommend this release and Ryan's other project Low & Behold
  4. This World's Disease
    by Absent From The Body
    Plague Of Locusts Plague Of Locusts
    "we are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord." -2 Corinthians 5:8 That is where brother Jason is now, present with the Lord. Please purchase this release to help out Jason's family. You will also be getting 12 great tracks of 80's style thrash akin to Forbidden, S.O.D, DBC, Anthrax, and early Metallica.
  5. Burn the Ships
    by For The Rock
  6. Songs of Hope for a New Era
    by For The Rock
    Cancer Cancer
    Great Christian metal comp of hardcore, thrash, djent, and post-hardcore bands!
  7. Reckoner
    The Death of All Mammoths The Death of All Mammoths
    Oh my goodness YES!!! I have waited over a decade for this album!!! Trenches is back!!!
  8. Welcome to Breitenstein
    by Homeplate
    I Hate the Guy Who Invented Suave Soap I Hate the Guy Who Invented Suave Soap
    Finally the wait is over!!! Homeplate return right where they left off from their Derby City ep!!! Great easycore for fans of At the Wayside and Young Poet
  9. Covering Legends
    by Thumper Punk Records
    Great covers, of great songs, by great bands, done by great musicians, for a great cause!!! Overall, just GREAT!!! Please support!!! "Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world." -James 1:27
  10. Those Days Are Dead
    Glad to hear some great punk coming out from one of my old stomping grounds and such passion for Christ! So glad I came across this release! Highly recommend for fans of The Havoc, Unshackled, Officer Negative, and The Hanover Saints
  11. Derby City EP
    by Homeplate
    Broken Youth (Ft. Eric Knighton of Brave Days) Broken Youth (Ft. Eric Knighton of Brave Days)
    Support this great band, this great label, and the great guy who runs this great label!!! RIYL: Must Build Jacuzzi, The Wonder Years, and Featherweight (Timmins, Ontario)
  12. Searching In The Sarchasm
    by Grandpa Loves Rhinos
    Fostering Patience for Patients (Feat. Andrew Alojipan of Kept on Hold) Fostering Patience for Patients (Feat. Andrew Alojipan of Kept on Hold)
    Grandpa Loves Rhinos is a great pop emo punk band!!! They're like a hybrid of Further Seems Forever and Saves the Day!!! Support this great band, this great label, and the great guy who runs this great label!!!
  13. Strength to Stand
    by Luther's Hammer
    Strength to Stand Strength to Stand
    Words can't even describe how good this is!!! Lyrically these guys are on fire for Christ!!! Musically elements of Melodic and straight up Hardcore!!! Reminds me of a mix of Venia, Broken, and From the Eyes of Servants!!! Highly recommend!!!
  14. GOD IV - Revelation
    by GOD
  15. The Twenty Year First Impression
    by Namesake
  16. Scary Movie (Single)
    by The Jericho Harlot
    Reminds me of "Still Waiting" by Sum 41, but better because it's Jericho Harlot!!!
  17. Is It Well?
    by Last Chance Marie
    Whitecastle Whitecastle
  18. This Is Just Sound
    by Last Chance Marie
    Lemonade Stand Lemonade Stand
    This is what Blink-182 would sound like if they stopped singing about girls and aliens and started singing about the struggles of life and looking to God to get through. 'Nuff said.
  19. LOW ROAD
    by GratitudeTX
    Gnashing of Hope Ft. Harley Mathews Gnashing of Hope Ft. Harley Mathews
    Why has no one purchased this ep?! This is such good Christ centered hardcore in the vein of Dynasty, Rapture LAHC, and Stick Tight! Vocals reminiscent of Take It Back! Zack and Where Fire May Fail. Highly recommend!
  20. Before You Is A Blessing And A Curse