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Marco Leal

  1. Sterling Heights, Michigan
  2. Metal
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  1. Strength to Stand
    by Luther's Hammer
    Strength to Stand Strength to Stand
    Words can't even describe how good this is!!! Lyrically these guys are on fire for Christ!!! Musically elements of Melodic and straight up Hardcore!!! Reminds me of a mix of Venia, Broken, and From the Eyes of Servants!!! Highly recommend!!!
  2. Murdering My Flesh
    by Herd
    Thrash, Christ, Speed Thrash, Christ, Speed
    Seriously some of the best Thrash I've heard in quite a while!!! I love it more so because these men are warriors for Christ!!! I highly recommend for fans of Ultimatum, Betrayer, Sacrament, Mortification, Deliverence, Tourniquet, and Municipal Waste... yes these guys are that good!!!
  3. The Pulse Is Overrated
    by Winter Solstice
  4. Meet The Prettybads
    by The Prettybads
  5. Through Your Eyes
    by Forgotten Arrival
  6. Dogwood / Incomplete Split Ep
    by Dogwood / Incomplete
  7. Missing The Old Days Ep
    by Custom Deluxe
  8. Burn The Boats
    by Mainframe
  9. Finding The Lighthouse Ep
    by Ashcroft
  10. I'm Your Biggest Fan Vol. 2
    by Indie Vision Music
  11. Demos (2001)
    by Dismissed
  12. Calm My Craze
    by MxPx
  13. The Best of IVM Vol. 1
    by Indie Vision Music
  14. Live at Chain Reaction
    by Dogwood
  15. Thoughts of Yesterday Vol. 1
    by Indie Vision Music
  16. The Ran$om Ep
    by Death Is Not Welcome Here
  17. Running Marathons / Chasing Ambulances
    by Names Without Numbers
  18. Summer Slam Vol. 3 Disc 1
    by Indie Vision Music
  19. Summer's Gone Ep
    by Newvale
  20. Passionate Hope Vol. 3
    by Indie Vision Music
  21. Hearts Bleed Passion Vol. 1
    by Indie Vision Music
  22. A World of Second Chances
    by Available At The Counter
  23. Devils In The Details
    by Craig's Brother
  24. Summer Slam Vol. 1 (2006)
    by Indie Vision Music
  25. There is Hope
    by Our City Sleeps
  26. The Singles Collection
    by At The Wayside
  27. The Whom Jehovah Heals Ep
    by Josiah
  28. We're Being Followed
    by Mainframe
  29. The Perfect Plan In Imperfect Hands
    by Quick and the Dead
  30. Construction
    by Formula 316
  31. Hearts Bleed Passion Vol. 6 - Part 1
    by Indie Vision Music
  32. Over Tired & Ill Prepared
    by Adelaide
  33. Previously Unreleased Songs
    by Custom Deluxe
  34. When Life Seems Senseless
    by Logos
  35. Songs to Slay the Dragons Vol. 2
    by Indie Vision Music
  36. 2005 Demo
    by My Epic
  37. Going Home
    by Quick and the Dead
  38. Let The Trip Begin (Single)
    by Mainframe
  39. Self Titled
    by Mainframe
  40. Silence Cries
    by Terra Firma
  41. False Memory Syndrome
    by Light The Way
  42. Slow It Down
    by No Lost Cause
  43. Small Wars
    by Small Wars
  44. Demo Ep
    by My Jeremiah
  45. Passionate Hope Vol. 1
    by Indie Vision Music