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  1. One More Song - a tribute to Mike May
    by Thumper Punk Records
    One More Song One More Song
    When I first heard ACG on an Indie Vision Music comp, I was so geeked to hear a band that to me sounded like Social D and Dropkick Murphys and the best part was that their lyrics were faith based! My heart sank when I read about Mike May. All I can think is that he is home now in glory. 1 Thessalonians 4:13-14
  2. Everything Is Fine
    by Much The Same
    You Used to Have a Garden You Used to Have a Garden
  3. Dad Gang Ep
    by Light The Way
    I Liked Old AFI Better I Liked Old AFI Better
  4. In Those Days & Also After, Pt. II
    by Meadows
  5. The Flame Still Burns
    by Living Fire
  6. Texas and Tennessee: Fundraiser for Skip Brooks' family
    by All Hail The King
  7. Tempestad
    by Good Refference
  8. Volver a Nacer
    by Descendientes
  9. Inquebrantable
    by Descendientes
  10. More Love More Power: Fundraiser for Skip Brooks' family
    by All Hail The King
    I Have Decided I Have Decided
  11. [ZPCNCR4] The Undisputed Heavyweight Champions
    by Crush The Enemy
    Dawn of the Deadbeats Dawn of the Deadbeats
    These guys are like a Christian version of S.O.D.! Your purchase of this album will not only please your thrash fix, but will also help out Skip and his family. Please support. James 5:16 Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. Praying for you, bro.
  12. The End Of All Things Is Here And It Is Not What I Expected It To Be
    by Me and the Trinity
    I Once Was Lost But Now I Am The Lowest I Once Was Lost But Now I Am The Lowest
    Great band, Great cause! Support!
  13. Songs Of Praise And Truth
    by Siervos
    Believe And Confess (Feat. David G. Borges from Convalesce) Believe And Confess (Feat. David G. Borges from Convalesce)
    Straight up in your face hardcore punk!!! Blew me away when I first heard it!!! All glory and praise to The Father and Our Lord Jesus Christ!!! Get this!!!
  14. SinnerServantSon
    by Color Me Valiant
    Simon Peter Simon Peter
  15. Entre humo y cenizas
    by Soul in Grace
    Héroe Héroe
    Sweet Spanish Spirit Filled Metalcore from Colombia! At times they remind me of Righteous Vendetta. Other times of Demon Hunter. Overall, I highly recommend to anyone who loves Christian metal!
  16. milestones
    by descend to rise
    misery misery
    Descend to Rise began as a metalcore act, but this release is such good melodic hardcore, the lyrics spirit filled. Highly recommend especially for fans of Idle Threat., Emberheart, and lighthouses.
  17. Forever
    by Broken Cedars
    Toast Toast
    Aaaaahhhhh.... fast paced, Christ centered, pop punk goodness!!! Reminds me of some of the early pop punk bands on Tooth & Nail.
  18. The Big Idea
    by Average Joe Aspiring
    He Paved A Way He Paved A Way
    Awesome, Christ centered, technical pop punk!!! At times reminds me of a more melodic Dogwood, and musically of early Rufio!!! A must have!!!
  19. See What Happens From Here
    by Twotimer
    Just Change Just Change
  20. Convicción Ft. Jaime Rosales
    by Descendientes
    Another great single by Spanish Christian Pop Punk/Easycore act from El Salvador! This song here has a more metalcore sound. Fans of Valor Interior will be well pleased! Make sure to purchase their other singles here and on other digital networks!
  21. A Corazón Abierto
    by Descendientes
    Another Catchy Spanish Christian Pop Punk/Easycore act from El Salvador! FFO: Heart Like War, New Found Glory, and early My Chemical Romance! Make sure to purchase their other singles available here and on other digital networks!
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  22. Historias
    by Metamorffosis
    Catchy Christian pop punk in Spanish from El Salvador! FFO: MxPx and New Found Glory. Highly recommend this track as well as their single Hoy Mas Que Nunca and their full length Escrito En Las Estrellas which can be purchased at amazon, itunes, and/or cdbaby.
  23. De regreso a casa
    by Good Refference
    Perdoname Perdoname
    Excellent Christian pop punk in Spanish from Guatemala! FFO: Heart Like War, Relient K, and Slick Shoes
  24. Misery Noose
    by Thin Ice
    Autonomy Threshold Autonomy Threshold
    FFO: Advent, Figure Four, Goldmill, and Buried Alive. You can read my review here:
  25. Songs of Christmas
    by Young Oceans
    Go Tell it on the Mountain Go Tell it on the Mountain
  26. Split Ep
    by The Blamed / The Satire
    Better Left Unsaid Better Left Unsaid
    What can I say about this split?! It's The Blamed!!! That should speak for itself!! It's like they forgot to add these songs to their ...Again album, so if you like that album, you'll dig these songs as well. As for The Satire, for me they fill the void that was left when The Chariot called it a day. Great songs by both bands!!!
  27. Living Water Ep
    by Living Water
    All in All All in All
  28. In Those Days & Also After, Pt. I
    by Meadows
    The Dove The Dove
    The boys in Meadows are back with a nice little 3 song ep that sounds to me like a mix of Household and Ruiner! Always good things from these gents! Highly recommend! FFO: Household, Idle Threat., Ruiner
  29. The Sinner's Songbook
    by The Insyderz
    We Come in Peace We Come in Peace
  30. Soundtrack to a Revolution
    by The Insyderz
    God Almighty God Almighty
    For Our King For Our King
  32. Fallen Empires
    by Diviner
    Come Into My Glory Come Into My Glory
    This is awesome power metal, 80's style!!!! Fans of Dio will be pleased...
  33. Golgotha
    by With Blood Comes Cleansing
    Mark Your Words Mark Your Words
    I used to have a copy of this album and recently just wanted to listen to something heavy between Impending Doom and Abated Mass of Flesh. This album is just perfect.....
  34. Empty House
    by Idle Threat.
    Another great song by this Spirit Filled Post-hardcore band!!! FFO: Household, Deathbreaker, lighthouses, & Emberheart.
  35. Grown Tired
    by Idle Threat.
    Fathers Fathers
    Oh man!!! So glad I came across this!!! Spirit Filled Post-hardcore FFO: Household, Deathbreaker, lighthouses, & Emberheart.
  36. Start Over - EP
    by Heart Like War
    Some Days Some Days
    This is pop punk the way it was meant to be played, fast and catchy! Heart Like War have upped their game on this release by taking their classic pop punk sound and under laying fast, up tempo drumming. So not a release to back out on!
  37. BoughtbyBlood
    by BoughtbyBlood
    Let Your Kingdom Come Let Your Kingdom Come
    Accidentally came across this gem of Christian hardcore from the Philippines! So glad I did! FFO: Take Heart
  38. Wayward EP
    by Dreaded Dale
    Bury Your Dead Bury Your Dead
    Wow! Just.....WOW!!! GET THIS!!!
  39. Untitled
    by As We Are
    02. Promise Land 02. Promise Land
    Such good pop punk! I miss artists playing this genre of music as good as these gents here. It's like I'm listening to some early 90's pop punk band. Bringing it back! Bummed that I just found out that I missed these guys playing close to where I live. Thanks to my brother in Christ, Brandon at for introducing me to this band!
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  40. Destroy EP
    by Where Fire May Fail
    Destroy Destroy
  41. False Memory Syndrome
    by Light The Way
    But My Mom Says I'm Cool But My Mom Says I'm Cool
  42. The Breakdown and The Fall
    by At The Wayside
  43. [ZAP-035] UntilWeDie!
    by UntilWeDie!
    Oh my, oh my! This is straight up punk rock! These guys have such a passion for our Lord Jesus Christ and it shows in their lyrics and music! Such intensity! It states FFO: Motorhead, Zeke, Cutthroat era The Deal, and The Havoc, but they remind me more of a mature Public Unrest or Every Man's Hero. Either way, you need to get this!
  44. Screaming Without Lungs
    by Opposition Of One
    Let's Build This Bridge Let's Build This Bridge
    I got into Opposition of One by finding their cd "In the line of change" at a half price books. Been hooked ever since! Great Christian hardcore along the lines as such greats as Born Blind, No Innocent Victim, Call To Preserve, and Braveheart.
  45. Advance EP
    by Opposition Of One
    Our Inheritance Our Inheritance
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