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  1. Songs Of Praise And Truth
    by Siervos
    Believe And Confess (Feat. David G. Borges from Convalesce) Believe And Confess (Feat. David G. Borges from Convalesce)
    Straight up in your face hardcore punk!!! Blew me away when I first heard it!!! All glory and praise to The Father and Our Lord Jesus Christ!!! Get this!!!
  2. SinnerServantSon
    by Color Me Valiant
    Simon Peter Simon Peter
  3. Forever
    by Broken Cedars
    Toast Toast
    Aaaaahhhhh.... fast paced, Christ centered, pop punk goodness!!! Reminds me of some of the early pop punk bands on Tooth & Nail when they first started.
  4. The Big Idea
    by Average Joe Aspiring
    He Paved A Way He Paved A Way
    Awesome, Christ centered, technical pop punk!!! At times reminds me of a more melodic Dogwood, and musically of early Rufio!!! A must have!!!
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  5. See What Happens From Here
    by Twotimer
    Just Change Just Change
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  6. Finding My Hope
    by Servants
    Valleys Valleys
  7. Black Sheep
    Home Home
  8. Easy Out EP
    by paperweight
    Fate Fate
    Oh man!!! A nice little piece of emo/indie/post-rock here!!! Can't really compare them to anyone as they have their own sound. If I ever start or join a band again, definitely will use these guys as inspiration! Looking forward to the release of their new tunes with Take It Back! Zack on lead vocals! Until then, this will do just fine! Thanks to Brandon at for introducing them to me!
  9. We Live Like Thieves
    by We Live Like Thieves
    Who Tells My Story Who Tells My Story
    Oh me, oh my.....Where to start with this little gem of pop punk goodness?! Amazing early 2000's style pop punk along the lines of Somehow Hollow, Years From Now, early Wonder Years, and at times early Sum 41, and yes these guys are believers. Get it!!! Get it!!!! Get it!!!!
  10. Dude, Lame Ep
    by Light The Way
    Stag Line Stag Line
  11. The Breakdown and The Fall
    by At The Wayside
    How We Live How We Live
  12. Dreamers of Dreams
    by My Brother's Keeper
    Just another monster Just another monster
    So this is MBK's 3rd release, and in my opinion, their best to date. I highly recommend! FFO: Righteous Vendetta and Settle the Sky.
  13. Treachery
    by My Brother's Keeper
    Treachery Treachery
  14. Waymaker
    by American Arson
    Revival In My Lungs Revival In My Lungs
    So I lived around the Detroit area, played in 2 bands, and was active in the scene for 3 years. Never did I hear of nor come across American Arson nor their former band Good Luck Varsity. Bums me a bit because would've been awesome to share the stage with these great, talented musicians. Buy this along with their other ep's! You will not be disappointed! FFO: Good Luck Varsity, Ethan Luck, Hot Water Music
  15. Odd Boat
    by Flatfoot 56
    The Trap The Trap
    Best Flatfoot album ever!!! I know I've said that before, but this time I mean it!!! Each track has it's own uniqueness, but still unrelenting classic Flatfoot Celtic Punk. Dare I say Nofx-ish at times? You must get this!!! NOW!!!
  16. Overgrown
    by Borrowed Spirit
    Louder Louder
    Uh, it's Comrades... 'Nuff said .... so yeah, BUY IT!!!
  17. Passed On
    by Carrying the Fire
    The Big Question The Big Question
    Do you like xLooking Forwardx? Cos yeah, it's xLooking Forwardx..... Buy It!!!
  18. Retrace
    by Greater Is He
    Immemorial Immemorial
  19. Seasons
    by A Hope Not Forgotten
    Faded Away Faded Away
    Great music, great lyrical content, all around great Hardcore!!! Reminds me of the Christian hardcore band Vineyard from Cali.
  20. Phrases for the Living
    by Reveal Renew
    Black Lies Black Lies
  21. Cast Out
    by Sleep Now
    Hate Bitten Hate Bitten
  22. Toil
    by Flatfoot 56
    I'll Fly Away I'll Fly Away
    Flatfoot 56 are like fine wine, they get better with age!!! Awesome Christian Celtic Folk Punk ala Dropkick Murphy's and Flogging Molly!!! Been a fan of theirs since Rumble of 56. A must add to the collection!!! Great message, great tunes!!!
  23. Under Cities EP
    by Under Cities
    Pressing Through Pressing Through
    Amazing, Passionate, Melodic Hardcore!!! Mix half Dependency with half Zack-era Take It Back! and add a pinch of early Call To Preserve and you have Under Cities!!! Wish I would've heard this band sooner. Better late than never. Don't miss out!!!
  24. Don't Mind If I Don't
    by Seraphs Coal
    Each Day Each Day
    Great 90's Christian Skate Punk!!! The bass playing is amazing here, if you're into that!!! Seraphs' sound on this album reminds me of greats such as Off The Record and Big Wig!!!
  25. Operation Save The Humans
    by Seraphs Coal
    Thirteen Thirteen
    Seraphs' Sophomore Release. Still great 90's Christian Skate Punk!!! You can tell the maturity in song writing on this one. Still reminds me of Off The Record but more Ten Foot Pole here and less Big Wig. A must have!!!
  26. The More Things Change
    by Seraphs Coal
    Change The World Change The World
    Seraphs' 3rd and final release. More diversity in song writing than the prior two releases, but still just as great!!! This album reminds me so much of Olivia The Band!!! Must own!!!
  27. Split Decision
    by A Common Goal - False Idle
    False Idle - First World Last Place False Idle - First World Last Place
    Two great bands, one great message!!! If you haven't heard neither band, well, you need to do yourself a favor and do so!!! Start with this then get both bands other releases!!!
  28. Blessings and Battles
    by A Common Goal
    Blessings and Battles Blessings and Battles
    Gritty and melodic!!! These guys are the epitome of Boston punk rock!!! If you don't know what that means, just listen to this band and you will!!! Reminds me of greats such as Social D, Dropkick, and their label mates The Way. Great music, Great message!!!
  29. Stand Boston Strong
    by A Common Goal
    Stand Boston Strong Stand Boston Strong
    Great song, Great cause!!! Support!!! Romans 12:10 Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another;
  30. Where Thieves Cannot Tread
    by Jump Ship Quick
    Killing for Convenience Killing for Convenience
    Fast, Catchy, Everything a punk band should be!!! Awesome, Awesome band!!! Can't really think of any band to compare them to, and that's a good thing! Trust me, great stuff here!!!
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  31. Chili-Nation
    by Metanoia
    Not Your Call Not Your Call
    Classic 90's style skate punk in the vein of bands such as Lag Wagon, Pennywise, Millencolin, Seraphs Coal, and early Offspring. Christ centered lyrics throughout! The Lord has truly blessed these guys! I highly recommend their first release "Retroceder Nunca" as well.
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  32. Discography
    by uniSEF
    The Worst The Worst
    Sef Idle of False Idle!!! What more can I, or do I have to say?! Do yourself a favor and get this!!!
  33. Brutus
    by Saints Never Surrender
    The Quest The Quest
    Did you like Hundredth's first album? If so, you will love this album!!! Progressive modern day hardcore to make your ears happy!!! Future members of Continuance.
  34. Revelation Through Tribulation
    by Thin Ice
    Revelation Through Tribulation Revelation Through Tribulation
    Metallic Hardcore at its finest with emphasis moreso on Hardcore!!! Recommended for fans of Goldmill especially since these guys went on to form Goldmill.
  35. Trial Into Triumph
    by Nourish The Flame
    Prepare For War Prepare For War
    Oh man! Where do I begin with this?! Straight up tough guy hardcore!!! Reminds me of Call to Preserve and No Innocent Victim!!!
  36. Emergency! Emergency!
    by Ten 33
    Emergency! Emergency! Emergency! Emergency!
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  37. Loss of Innocence
    by Jawbone
    Histemi Histemi
  38. Dear Children
    by Yours For Mine
    Bling Crosby Bling Crosby
    How experimental do you like your hardcore? Perhaps Refused like? The Rise type? Maybe At the Drive-In style? Whatever your answer, this album has it all!
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  39. Atlantis
    by Besieged
    Moustache Pete Moustache Pete
    Metallic Hardcore with emphasis on Metal!!! Featuring Mattie Montgomery pre For Today fame. Reminds me of early In Flames and At The Gates. Definitely gotta own!!!
  40. Stealing Stones To Build Tomorrow
    by Truth Be Known
    Awakenings Awakenings
    Good ole fashion metalcore!!! Reminds me of FewLeftStanding, Anguish Unsaid, early Overcome, and Splinter Shards era Zao.
  41. Better Off Alone
    by Friends
    Streetlights Streetlights