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Chris Jackson

  1. Fredericton, New Brunswick
  2. Punk
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  1. King Of The Wasteland
    Land of the Rising Scum Land of the Rising Scum
  2. the yunahon mixtape
    by oso oso
    reindeer games reindeer games
  3. bummer vacation
    by summerbruise
    caveman caveman
  4. Anthology
    by Worst Party Ever
    Sub Bean Every Day Sub Bean Every Day
  5. Mystery Weekend
    by Mystery Weekend
    The Obscenity Prayer (feat: Randy Frobel) The Obscenity Prayer (feat: Randy Frobel)
  6. How To Disappear
    by Kepler
    Invisible Invisible
  7. To The Rhythm
    by Knola
    Moving Along Moving Along
  8. Awkward Pop Songs
    by JANK
    Ouran Highschool Toast Club Ouran Highschool Toast Club
  9. Boréal
    by FAKE OFF
    Forest Forest
  10. Climatic Accidents, Landscape-Making
    by FAKE OFF
    Initial Relief Initial Relief
  11. Fragile
    by Young Mountain
    Jag Begravde Solen Jag Begravde Solen
  12. The Garden Of Biological Machines
    by Young Mountain
    The Garden Of Biological Machines The Garden Of Biological Machines
  13. Bachelor of Arts
    by Right Shitty
    Ripoff Ripoff
    This is instantly good. Sort of 90s with kickass vocals and just rock for the frigging sake of rock. Solid, solid album.
  14. Dog Logic
    by Plainclothes
    Julia's Caesar Salad Julia's Caesar Salad
    This is a pretty good album on the 'American Football' side of things. This isn't a complaint. I like this album, I enjoy it. They're a solid band and I look forward to more.
  15. Breakfast (SYG-013)
    by The Most Dangerous Animal
    Wake & Bake Wake & Bake
  16. Hanging By A Thread
    by Yearbooks
    Wasting Time Wasting Time
  17. It Was Weird, But It Worked
    by Teenage Halloween
    Brain Song Brain Song
    What's not to like about this. It's fast, its poppy and it's incredibly well executed.
  18. Put Yourself Back Together
    by Real Friends
    Late Nights In My Car Late Nights In My Car
  19. The Black Lodge
    by Cave Moth
    Despised : Device Despised : Device
    Brutal as hell and I love it. For a genre I generally don't enjoy, there is something so good about this band.
  20. Passing Rites
    by Luddite
    Wherewithal Wherewithal
  21. My Path Is Clear & It Can Only Get Better
    by Temp Name
    Sink Or Swim Sink Or Swim
  22. Home Remedy
    by Columbus
    Downsides of Being Honest (feat. John F. of Trophy Eyes) Downsides of Being Honest (feat. John F. of Trophy Eyes)
  23. "This is what you learned."
    by People Like You
    Everything Matters! Everything Matters!
  24. North of America - Elements of an Incomplete Map (2014 Reissue)
    by Noyes Records
    Cities and Plans Cities and Plans
  25. Things I Forgot
    by Son Little
    Your Love Will Blow Me Away When My Heart Aches Your Love Will Blow Me Away When My Heart Aches
    The first time I heard 'Your love will blow me away" I was instantly enamoured. It's incredibly throw backy (read: old songwriter voice) but with a modern flair. I like it a lot and know most people would asll well. I recommend this album for all people and look forward to anything this artist releases.
  26. Sleep On It
    by Ages
    12:34 12:34
    This album is what made me really fall for music 20 years ago. It's straight ahead and very little fucking around. A solid album that in it's vein is very strong. I told a lot of my friends about this album and they dig it a lot. A great find and I look forward to what this artist does in the future.
  27. Feel Like Giants - EP
    by Feel Like Giants
    Looking In Looking In
    Although similar to an artist I won't name, it's very good. It hits a sweet spot that hasn't been scratched in 10+ years. I like it a lot. It's good all around music for pretty much any situation. I dig it.
  28. Losing Sleep
    by Secret Keeper
    Everything Falls Apart Everything Falls Apart
  29. Hijo de la Tormenta
    by Hijo de la Tormenta
    Viaje de Ida / Viaje de Vuelta Viaje de Ida / Viaje de Vuelta
  30. Verses
    by Verses
    Stay East Stay East
    This band this the best metal / hardcore band east of Montreal. I might be a little biased, but they are very, very good. the music is super good and there isn't a bad track on this album. It's local (for me) music at it's finest and highly recommended.
  31. still
    by nouns
    I feel as though I've failed I feel as though I've failed
  32. How To Destroy Something Beautiful
    by We're Doomed
    Lifeless Lifeless
  33. Fuck It Dude, Unreleased Pre Pro
    by Daggermouth
    Fuck Fuck