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Jay Toole

  1. Saint Leonards, UK
  2. Alternative
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  1. II - 7 inch
    by Denim & Leather
    Romance Romance
  2. Eerie Bits of Future Trips
    by mile me deaf
    Digital Memory File Digital Memory File
  3. Promise
    by Mark Redito
    Truly (feat. Sarah Bonito) Truly (feat. Sarah Bonito)
  4. The Courtneys - S/T
    by The Courtneys
    90210 90210
  5. Bread-n-Grease
    by Karl Blau
    2 Thirsty 2 Drink H2O 2 Thirsty 2 Drink H2O
  6. The Coconutcracker Suite
    by Karl Blau
    March Into the Warm Bay March Into the Warm Bay
  7. Dark, Magic Sea
    by Karl Blau
    Triangulation Triangulation
  8. Stuck Inside Port Townsend b/w Man Vacation
    by Lovers Without Borders
    Stuck Inside Port Townsend (with a Pete Townshend solo LP) Stuck Inside Port Townsend (with a Pete Townshend solo LP)
  9. summer 2011 cassette
    by Lovers Without Borders
    Athena from Bow Athena from Bow
  10. She Wants A Baby b/w Sadder Days
    by Lovers Without Borders
    She Wants A Baby She Wants A Baby
  11. Pillow of steam
    by Old Faithful
    Lazy Diamond Lazy Diamond
    Old Faithful are amazing they, were the first band to embrace my old band and guide us into a London scene. I was about to start a label "Listenears" when this ep came out.... everything went tits up from then to say the least. Great people, great musicians, great band... keep your ear to the ground this is a sweet band to see live x
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  12. "How to Execute?"
    by Motorbikes
    How To Execute? How To Execute?
    I love this album and keep coming back to it . fresh from the Blau school of music, this album filled a hole i didn't know was there... beautiful :)
  13. Solid Home Life
    by Solid Home Life
    Dear Heather Dear Heather
    A lovely album to a lovely story.
    Check the vocal melody on title track "Solid Home Life", it catches the breeze from Can's Future days , had me hooked from the start xxx
  14. space brothers ((demos + b-sides))
    by LVL UP
    buy me ice cream buy me ice cream
    This also hooked me in straight away. A band after my own heart. They weave a timeless mixtape of bedroom jams and demos.
    Think early Modest Mouse, Built To Spill, Lync, The Microphones = Good :)
  15. A Look In The Eyes Of Shame/Immaculate Complexion [EP]
    by ART-UR
    If We're a Tapestry If We're a Tapestry
    Arthur Maslo is a great song writer and a good buddy of mine. You should check out his music. This is such an amazing song it should be on everyone's stereos .
    "so, should i be happy drunk or sober sad?".
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  16. Clear Moon
    by Mount Eerie
    Lone Bell Lone Bell
    I love Phil's work and really look forward to all of his releases. Clear Moon starts off with echos from Mt Eerie ep resonating up within his new recording studio The Unknown. Slow builds and deep grooves...
    "I meant all my songs
    not as a picture of the woods
    but just to remind myself
    that I briefly live. "
  17. KLP 185 (+IPU bonus tracks!!)
    by Adrian orange & Her band
    give to love what's loves give to love what's loves
    What an album. when this came out I played it at every party. One of the most deeply satisfying scenes pull together to illuminate some of Adrian's beautiful songs - to be even brighter than when they stand alone. I just read on the k site that "This will probably be the last cohesive album of songs by this artist." well I got an inside tip so, this space is all I'm sayin ;)
  18. Dark Cloud At Water
    by Hungry Cloud Darkening
    Old Thoughts Die Old Thoughts Die
  19. welcome nowhere
    nowhere nowhere
  20. ADJUST
    by Key Losers
    Limited Time Limited Time
  21. The Wave
    by subPixel
    Connected to the Breath (live) Connected to the Breath (live)
  22. BILL RA
    by Curlymashup
    Bill Ra Side 1 Bill Ra Side 1
  23. Tigers Over Thamesmead
    by Joeyfat