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    by Wolfgun
    by Wolfgun
  3. Scarborough Fair
    by Wolfgun ft. Rchetype
  4. No Fear
    by Knife Pony
  5. Chlorophyll
    by M.O.O.N.
  6. Supernova / Hiraita
    by Rchetype
  7. OMAR 2
    by Borland
  8. RISE
    by Wolfgun
  9. Summer & Spring
    by Wolfgun
  10. Sinking II
    by Daemien
  11. Synesthesia
    by General Mumble
    Wicked Game Wicked Game
    General Mumble being diverse and stuff. I freaking love this album so much!!!!!!!!!! You truly know how to make amazing sounds. I Hope you never tire of making music because your music is beyond great.
  12. Reset EP
    by Rchetype
  13. Conquer
  14. Monster EP
    by MYKOOL
  15. Monsters & Magic
    by General Mumble
    Crack Up The Creepy Crack Up The Creepy
    I came here for General Mumble goodness and that is exactly what I got. Very powerful sounds. Keep doing what you are doing buddy.
  16. Haunted House
    by cYsmix
  17. Momentum Part 1
    by Addictia
  18. 100% Some Modern Talking
    by General Mumble
  19. A Color Map of the Sun
    by Pretty Lights
    by Wolfgun
    Set Yourself On Fire Set Yourself On Fire
    This album has a lot of small details that surprise me. The conbination of vocals and drum&bass/dance beats make it a very worthy collecion of tracks. Wolfgun's theme is always to break away from this earth. I feel like I travel to space in a mech when i listen to this music.
  21. Please Pump In Some Colour!
    by General Mumble
  22. Imaginary
    by The Secession
  23. World War V
    by Voster
  24. Octavia
    by Doofcake
  25. Diversity EP
    by Addictia
  26. Amateur
    by weldroid
  27. Scratch (Derpidety Remix)
    by Poniver
  28. Earthbound EP
    by Star Machines
  29. Relativity 1
    by Lemaitre
  30. Relativity 2
    by Lemaitre
  31. Thrancis
    by Borland
    Lucifer Lucifer
    This is a beautiful composition of songs that are serene and calming, yet haunting in nature. The sound is very unique and embedded with a lot of emotion.
    The song Lucifer, for example, has a beautiful melancholy present in the vocals. As if the singer was singing to Lucifer... or perhaps paying homage?
  32. Lilith In Exscintion
    by Daemien
  33. Set You Free
    by Medusae
  34. Bass Rocket EP
    by Silva Hound
  35. This Came First
    by Wiping Out Thousands
  36. The Headless Horse EP
    by General Mumble
  37. Dust: An Elysian Tail - Original Soundtrack
    by HyperDuck SoundWorks
  38. The Battle of Medulla
    by Daemien x General Mumble
  39. Mystery
    by Tori
  40. Georgia
    by Werewolves
  41. Eyes Rarely Closed
    by LAKE R▲DIO
  42. EP
    by Mystery Skulls
  43. 100% No Feeble Cheering
    by Balloon Party
    Arrivederci ft. Harry Adkins & Mic the Microphone Arrivederci ft. Harry Adkins & Mic the Microphone
  44. Paycheck
    by General Mumble
  45. Seasons
    by Griffin Village