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  1. Big Blues
    by Jesse Davey
    How Blue Can You Get [Feat. Hugh Coltman] How Blue Can You Get [Feat. Hugh Coltman]
  2. Go Forth and Multiply (Album)
    by Well Hung Heart
    Big Plans Big Plans
  3. Dark Tales Pt1
    by Rabbit Foot
    She Comes To Me - Remix She Comes To Me - Remix
    Is there a duo like this anywhere else? Fantastic stuff, it's a short slab of epic riffage and cool songs.
  4. Battles
    by Funke and the Two Tone Baby
    Battles Battles
  5. Double Fuzz
    by Double Fuzz
    Mountain Mountain
    Riffs and songs, that's my bible and this delivers big time, check it out!
  6. Live Ballroom Ritual
    by Goat
    Let it Bleed Let it Bleed
  7. Supervolcano
    by Death Ape Disco
    Kingdom Of Others Kingdom Of Others
    Can't really pick a favourite track (possibly 10,000 yrs) yet but have to check a gig soon... This album is just a monster of huge riffs and great vocals, there's not a lot of bands that I love in this genre but I love these guys :-)
  8. Weedpecker
    by Weedpecker
    Berenjena Pipe (remastered) Berenjena Pipe (remastered)
    Tripped out fat riff rock at it's best... listening now and LOUD :-)
  9. Tunnel Vision
    Dealing With the Devil Dealing With the Devil
    I had to choose a favourite but ALL the tracks rock, just a great band and for once the tag - Black Sabbath meets The Doors - actually undersells them whilst still being accurate. New favourite band!
  10. Folk Art & The Death Of Electric Jesus
    by The Bonnevilles
    Get Myself A Gun Get Myself A Gun
    Great Fuzzy Blues Rock, stripped down and raw and possessing a sound all of their own.. I was listening to it as I uploaded our own album to bandcamp!! Good stuff
  11. Fire Red
    by Michael Williams Band
    Fire Red Fire Red
    Blues Rock, but without the guitar overload and bad vocals/cheesy stylings. The guys got style, great voice, some great songs and variation and yes, fine guitar that doesn't try to climb down your throat. It ends up being all the better for it, an altogether fine record! :-)
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