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  1. Reflect ft. Natalie Foster
    by JAMATAR
  2. Midorisuki
    by JAMATAR
  3. Motorway
    by Fearofdark
  4. The Tower Between Worlds
    by JamAttack
    What the actual fuck, why can I buy my own music lmao this is amazing
  5. Spacesounds
    by JAMATAR
    Space Sounds Space Sounds
    Sounds like surreal adventures at night, through neon cities and glowing gardens. This guy's been making amazing music for a long time, and it's surprising he doesn't have a larger following.
  6. Journeys
    by Jamatar
  7. Bridges
    by JAMATAR
    by LukHash
    Very original, and satisfying. I love the sounds!
  9. Wonderland Dream
    by Tenkitsune
    Wonderland Dream Wonderland Dream
    This is AWESOME! I love Tenkitsune's style. It's upbeat, and intense at the same time. I think Tenkitsune's music is just about as good as it gets with this style. Not to mention, It's very professionally mixed, and it has LOTS of fun twists. It's all EXTREMELY fun to listen to, and makes me smile.
  10. Only Human (DATA042)
    by Chipzel
    Only Human (7" Edit) Only Human (7" Edit)
    Only Human will always be a big part of me. Ever since the first time I heard it, I knew I had to keep it special. I only listen to it once every couple of months now, and even if everything else fails to make me feel ok, I can always rely on this song to be there for me. It is absolutely beautiful. Also, I wish people would stop getting it mixed up with "I'm Only Human". I hope to hear more stuff like this from Chipzel in the future.
  11. Interstellar
    by JAMATAR
    This is amazing! It makes me feel like I'm floating around in a dream. I absolutely love this song. Keep it up!
  12. Transition
    by James Landino
    Synced - Snesei (James Landino Remix) Synced - Snesei (James Landino Remix)
    I love these! They're very creative and fun. Keep it up!