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  1. Quite a Lot of Songs
    by Boyinaband
    A to Z ft. Andrew Huang A to Z ft. Andrew Huang
  2. Murder ft. Minx & Chilled
    by Boyinaband
    Adore this song. Mysterious, and if you're a bit of a sadist it's kind of a turn on. Which reminds me, this song is also good therapy.

    I've discovered I'm a sadist, for example.
  3. Town of Salem ft. Minx
    by Boyinaband
  4. Rising Beyond
    by The Fright
    Suicide Sun (ft. Jyrki69) Suicide Sun (ft. Jyrki69)
  5. The Pale Bride
    by The Darklight
    Fool's Parade Fool's Parade
    I've been following the lead singer Keith for years and have watched him grow and evolve into an amazing person. His music has always been inspiring. Now I listen to these tracks and I'm once more inspired and touched. The music is catchy, the lyrics quickly become ear worms. Don't be mistaken when I say that, as these aren't just throw away tunes that'll pop up when you last expect them. The lyrics are thought provoking, and they paint a picture for you, the listener, to follow. Great tracks, I love them!