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  1. Around The World (Remastered)
    by saib.
  2. Late Night Headphones Vol. 1
    by Esbe
  3. Vibes 3 (Remastered)
    by The Deli
  4. Dusted Jazz Vol. 3
    by Jenova 7
    I pre-ordered this album when Cold Busted had a $1 sale. I hadn't listened to it until it were fully released. Was I pleasantly surprised! This album goes in hard!
  5. Bae 5
    by YUNG BAE
    Laa La Laaa (feat. Flamingosis) Laa La Laaa (feat. Flamingosis)
    by NxxxxxS
    by Various Artists
  8. Waves
    by Digital Waves
    Times We Had Times We Had
  9. Boys On Boards
    by OSC
    Drive Safe, Kids Drive Safe, Kids
  10. カタカナ・タイトル + Kanji Title (Double EP)
    by TANUKI
    ファンクOFF ファンクOFF
    Tanuki really has it goin' on!
  11. Hypnagogia
    by Dan Mason
    Fade Fade
    It's like listening to a dream sequence on loop and I never want to wake up
  12. Showa Idol's Groove
    by Night Tempo
    Fumiko Fumiko
    Night Tempo is just one of the greatest artist, period.
  13. Zoning Out Volume 2
    by Emapea
    Headphones Music Headphones Music
    I honestly cannot pick a favorite song on this album.
  14. Waterbed
    by HM Surf
    Breakfast On The Patio Breakfast On The Patio
    The perfect thing to rock in a pair of headphones at 3am
  15. FRIENDZONE (rejects)
    by NxxxxxS
    It's hot
  16. Synthetic Core 88
    by Equip
    New GAIA (World Map) New GAIA (World Map)
    This is one of the most hypnotic soundtracks to a non-existent game. I close my eyes, and I'm reminded of SNES-PS1 Era of RPGs that were so influential to me. Thank you, for this masterpiece.
  17. Dragonball Wave II
    by MAITRO
    PICOLLO ピッコロ PICOLLO ピッコロ
    MAITRO just rocks, this album is a killer sequel!
  18. ethelreda malte
    by haircuts for men
    childhood childhood
    Dark, but Jammy.
  19. Far East Joints
    by Bugseed
    Blastaway Blastaway
    by beatboxbandit
    purpleflowers purpleflowers
  21. Get Lost
    by ΔKTR
    Life in the 90's Life in the 90's
  22. Slices EP
    by Limes
    My Sunshine My Sunshine
    I feel like I've been waiting so long for Limes' new album, but it just goes to show that Quality > Quantity. This album is 100% Quality!
  23. Everglades
    by memory cards
    iridescent iridescent
    It's calming and very special to me.
  24. Appreciation
    by DeKobe
    Home Home
    DeKobe is like candy for my ears
  25. Nighty Tape 86'
    by Night Tempo
    Because it's Night Tempo. Every song is hand selected to be the perfect mix!
  26. Dissension
    by Roex
    No-Escape No-Escape
    Press play and I'm in a mech anime
  27. Eventide
    by Bonus Points
    Eventide Eventide
    This album is a hit, 100% Certified Fire.
    by Desired
    Neon Maze Neon Maze
    Every song on this album is a banger. I thought Desired couldn't get any better, but then I forgot that it's Desired. My expectations were shattered!
  29. The Jazz Hop Conspiracy, Vol. 2
    by S!X - Music
    Cold Peppermint Cold Peppermint
  30. censored nights
    by Behind Clouds
  31. Boardwalk Bumps 2
    by Engelwood
    Delfino Plaza Delfino Plaza
  32. Penguin Village
    by Dokutā Slump
    Meet Goku Meet Goku
  33. leftovers, vol. 2
    by cormac
    happyness happyness
    It's calming and it makes stop worrying about my constant existential crisis
  34. Orikami & Dreams Compilation
    by Orikami Records
    Sky Island Sky Island
    A great compilation of artists!
  35. Everyday Emotions
    Teenage Romance Teenage Romance
  36. Flight Fantastic
    by Flamingosis
    Tumbao Tumbao
    This makes me feel like I'm walking down a funky ass street in the middle of Groove City
  37. Doubt
    by Shag
    Someone Always Talks Someone Always Talks
    Shag is back and better than ever. Sometimes, you just gotta take a step back and just see where you are in life and where you're going; That's what Shag did, he may have been gone for a while, but he's back!
    by LemKuuja
    When Will I Find You (ft. Yumi Rose) When Will I Find You (ft. Yumi Rose)
  39. Boardwalk Bumps
    by Engelwood
    Sitting in the Park (feat. Jaedan Camstra) Sitting in the Park (feat. Jaedan Camstra)
    I found this album by accident one day on YouTube and I've been in love with it ever since
    by beatboxbandit
    minimi minimi
    Sometimes, you just gotta make it pop.
  41. Pure Present
    by Night Tempo
    Kaoru Akimoto - Dress Down (Night Tempo 100% Pure Remastered) Kaoru Akimoto - Dress Down (Night Tempo 100% Pure Remastered)
  42. Smoke Signals
    by walterwarm & cowode
    before[theycame] ft. beatboxbandit before[theycame] ft. beatboxbandit
  43. Nighty Tape
    by Night Tempo
  44. EarthSim
    by FM Skyline
    matrix island matrix island
  45. save points
    by memory cards
    cascading light cascading light