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  1. In Limbo
    by Lydia Lunch
    I Wish . . . I Wish I Wish . . . I Wish
  2. Shotgun Wedding
    by Lydia Lunch - Rowland S. Howard
    Burning Skulls Burning Skulls
    I love this entire album. Probably my fav of all time. Lydia says she ain't about rock & roll per say but this one summons the slinky, dark, bluesy, sleazy, demonic essence of rock more than any of those who would profess such things. The likes of Jimmy Page can cower under a church pew filling a diaper as this beauty rumbles the alter to a broken heap.
  3. Perfection Condition
    by BRANES
    Abracadaver Abracadaver
  4. Never Love Anything
    by Pantychrist
    Liar Liar