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  1. Hic Abundant Leones
    by The Tower
  2. Croweater 2: The Last Wishes of Kings
    by Fall of an Empire
  3. Servants of the Salem Girl
    by The Necromancers
  4. Ash E.P.
    by Teens of Thailand
  5. Blueside
    by CHILD
    by SVVAMP
  7. Out Of Time
    by HOUND
  8. Captives of the Void
    by Captives of the Void
  9. Volume Rock
  10. Midnight Cometh
    by Wo Fat
  11. Action O'clock! EP
    by White Dynomite
  12. Turncoat
    by Throttlerod
  13. Elephant Tree
    by Elephant Tree
    Circles Circles
    Soaring vocals and a slower tempo give this album a unique and original feel, with a good amount of variety.
    Circles is a genuinely powerful song and makes a refreshing change that compliments the rest of the album well.
  14. Lore
    by Elder
    Lore Lore
    Thundering. Progressive. Inventive. EPIC
    Featured in 'The Obelisk's top 50 albums of 2015 and definitely earns its place, simply put, a masterpiece. I also love the album art!
    This is Elder at their best, producing music that transcends genre boundaries and treads a new path
  15. Spires Burn/Release
    by Elder
    Spires Burn Spires Burn
    It's Elder, what more is there to say? Their blend of old school stoner doom and progressive melodies makes for sweet, sweet listening
  16. Mara
    by Filthy Lucre
    Boundless Plains Boundless Plains
    'Reel you in from four streets away?' This album has reeled me in from half a world away. Excellent vocals and fuzzy blues-licked riffs make for a simply amazing album. MUST BUY
  17. Acid Acetate Excursion/Rape Of The Titan's Sirens
    by JPT Scare Band
    Acid Acetate Excursion Acid Acetate Excursion
    Old school, acid-tinged blues rock from the masters themselves. The original and the best.
  18. Must Destroy
    by Droids Attack
    The Great Wall Of 'Gina The Great Wall Of 'Gina
    Hard hitting fuzzy goodness, an absolute hammer to the cranium and it gets better every time
  19. Mangled By The Machine
    by Ape Machine
  20. Swan Valley Heights
    by Swan Valley Heights
    Let Your Hair Down Let Your Hair Down
    Reminiscent of Truckfighters in parts but with their own unique sound. A well very written and original album.