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  1. Industrial Purpose 01
    by coldkill
  2. Artoffact Records 2019
    by Artoffact Records
  3. UNF!
    by daddybear
    so nasty so nasty
    Why are you being so nasty?
  4. Celluloid Self
    by Romy
    by Mr.Kitty
    From Liquid From Liquid
  6. 9 Lives
    by Goo Munday
  7. Telekompilation vol. 1
    by Various Artists
  8. Goo Munday
    by Goo Munday
  9. Radioakt One
    by Radioaktivists
  10. Find Fund Finish
    by Daniel Myer
  11. Fine
    by SONOIO
    Under The Sea Under The Sea
    Everything's better, down where it's wetter
  12. Amor / Noir
    by Strvngers
  13. The Holy Circle
    by The Holy Circle
  14. Talk About Bones EP
    by Seeming
    Avalanche Avalanche
    Avalanche is an amazing cover, but the mix of Zookeeper with the backing lyrics up front is greatly appreciated
  15. B-Sides
    by Ari Mason
    Let Me (2014) [Remastered] Let Me (2014) [Remastered]
    Come on, you know I can't talk about this.
  16. SOL: A Self-Banishment Ritual
    by Seeming
    Phantom Limb Phantom Limb
  17. Midnight Champion
    by LEGEND
  18. Madness & Extinction
    by Seeming
  19. Fearless
    by LEGEND
  20. A.I.
    by Mr.Kitty
    Crisis Point Crisis Point
  21. The Blinding Dark
    by Covenant
    A Rider On A White Horse A Rider On A White Horse
  22. Strvngers
    by Strvngers
    Epilogue (Good Riddance) Epilogue (Good Riddance)
    What, you never been there?
  23. Guilt Noir
    by Michael Arthur Holloway
    Short Change Short Change
  24. Creatures
    by Ari Mason
    Sleep Still Sleep Still
    I wouldn't have liked this track when I was 19, but I sure could have used it.
  25. i'm yours (digital 12")
    by coldkill
    by Mr.Kitty
  27. The Wanting
    by Nightmare Fortress
    Crusher Crusher
  28. D E Δ T H
    by Mr.Kitty
    by Mr.Kitty
    Destroy Me Destroy Me
  30. DA OCTOPUSSS The Rise - EP -
  31. LIFE
    by Mr.Kitty
    Heaven Heaven
  32. Falling
    by Bruderschaft