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  1. New World™
    by Nouveau Life™
  2. テレパシーの
    by t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 and 猫 シ Corp.
  3. I Am
    by HKE
  4. Four Shots Of Green Stone
    by Remember
  5. Lost Fragments
    by 2814
  6. Dragon Ball G
    by Napoleon Da Legend
  7. King of the Grift ft. The Serfs
    by Napoleon Da Legend
  8. King of the North Star
    by Napoleon Da Legend
  9. Bronze Saints
    by Napoleon Da Legend
  10. Chikara
    by Napoleon Da Legend
  11. Narcissus (feat. Napoleon Da Legend)
    by Observe since '98
  12. Dragonball Wave III
    by Maitro
  13. Dragonball Wave
    by Maitro
  14. Dragonball Wave II
    by Maitro
  15. "CATCHY."
    by R23X
  16. Terra_II
    by R23X
  17. Comfy?
    by Shima33
  18. 浪漫的夢想 ['ROMANTIC DREAM']
  19. RPG
    by wosX
  20. Splendor