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  1. Folk
  1. collection 29
  2. wishlist 13
  3. following 28
    by Wolfgun
  2. Cures What Ails Ya
    by The Longest Johns
    Oak & Ash & Thorn Oak & Ash & Thorn
  3. Stolen Season
    by S. J. Tucker
  4. The Trappist & The Hare
    by Trappist Afterland & Grey Malkin
  5. Baker's End: The King of Cats
    by Bafflegab Productions
  6. GeminEye
    by The Megas
  7. Wonders
    by S. J. Tucker
  8. Act II: The Father of Death
    by The Protomen
  9. "Feel Good Inc." (Gorillaz)
    by Robyn Adele Anderson
  10. Clint Eastwood (Gorillaz Cover)
    by Robyn Adele Anderson
  11. Let There Be Fire
    by Aviators
  12. Visions
    by Guilhem Desq
  13. The White People
    by Arthur Machen
  14. The King in Yellow
    by Robert W. Chambers
  15. Wish Upon A Blackstar (Deluxe Edition)
    by Celldweller
  16. Electric Eye (Zardonic Remix) [Single]
    by Celldweller
  17. Transmit Receive Jupiter
    by Rchetype ft. Wolfgun
  18. Wayfaring Reprise
    by Betsy Lee
  19. The Hidden Path: Live & Rarities
    by Heather Dale
    Crashing Down (Live) Crashing Down (Live)
  20. Adventure Stories Volume II: Pirates
    by Worldwide Adventurers