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  1. J.S. Bach: "Open" Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 (Piano)
    by Kimiko Ishizaka
  2. Dur Dur of Somalia - Volume 1, Volume 2 & Previously Unreleased Tracks
    by Dur-Dur Band
  3. Into The Trees
    by Zoe Keating
  4. One Cello x 16: Natoma
    by Zoe Keating
  5. One Cello x 16 (EP)
    by Zoe Keating
  6. Scripted Orkestra (Conducted By Jules Buckley)
    by Henrik Schwarz & Metropole Orkest
  7. La Saboteuse
    by Yazz Ahmed
    Jamil Jamal Jamil Jamal
    Ma chronique complète de l'album est ici :
    (french review)
  8. Handmade Cities
    by Plini
    Ma chronique de l'album en français :
    (french review)
    "Here's an album that is really enjoyable when you're calm, with a comfortable headphone on your ears, to perceive this goldsmith's work."
  9. Harmony of Spheres
    by Puta Volcano
    Jovian Winds Jovian Winds
    La chronique de l'album est là :

    A very nice discover. A mainstream stoner rock with good songs and the beautiful voice of Luna. Maybe sometimes too much drums effects but that's the Puta Volcano's style.
  10. Terrarium
    by Juliette Jade
    Frozen Time Frozen Time
    La chronique de l'album est là:
    Malgré des défauts, certains titres nous emporte et l'alliance entre cette voix feutrée et cette guitare affirmée fait mouche.
  11. MOMENTARY: Memories of the Beginning
    by Akira Kosemura
    Ephemeral feat. yanaginagi Ephemeral feat. yanaginagi
    my full review in French is there
    I follow you since 3 years and I'm always happy to hear new songs
  12. OvO
    by Yaima
    It's Written In The Wind It's Written In The Wind
    my review in French is there
    your album is wonderful to travel after a day at work. the perfect mix between ambient, trip hop, and world music.
  13. Triplets
    by F.A.C.E.
    great album. my French review here:
  14. Sem'anza
    by Tears of hope
    Je survole la vie Je survole la vie
    Un album festif qui promet beaucoup. Article complet :
  15. Fairchildren
    by Ott.
    The Bicycle Of The Sky The Bicycle Of The Sky
    A great album ! Here is the french review
  16. Make Out
    by Honeychild