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  1. Fraught With Peril
    by Khemmis/Spirit Adrift
    If you have the money to get this on vinyl, do it. To hear a doom/stoner metal band cover Man of Constant Sorrow on vinyl is an almost life changing experience.
  2. WC015 Folly Of Abram
    by Blodigel
  3. Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed
    by Hooded Menace
  4. Esoteric Malacology
    by Slugdge
    Crop Killer Crop Killer
    This album is a gnarly, twisting, spiral into a maddened, slime ridden black hole of insanity and I love every second of it. Hail Mollusca.
  5. Mass & Volume
    by Pig Destroyer
  6. Black Tomb
    by Black Tomb
  7. Strega
    by SubRosa
    Cradles Cradles
  8. Mirror Reaper
    by Bell Witch
    Mirror Reaper Mirror Reaper
    This album is a bone crushing, depressingly beautiful, funeral doom masterpiece. Every single second of this 80+ minute epic is weighty and filled with emotion. This is my pick for album of the year.
  9. Absolution
    by Khemmis
  10. Foundations Of Burden
    by Pallbearer
    Foundations Foundations
  11. Solstitium Fulminate
    by SUNN O)))
  12. Beyond The Sun
    by Woodhawk
    The High Priest The High Priest
    High Priest is the theme song for my roommate's DnD character.
  13. Sleepwalking Sailors
    by Helms Alee
    This will be forever be, from this day forward, one of my favorite albums. This I believe to be the perfect rainy day album.
  14. tapioca OST
    by Slime Girls
    by Slime Girls
  16. don't forget.
    by Slime Girls
    by Slime Girls
    by Slime Girls
    by Slime Girls
  20. Vacation Wasteland EP
    by Slime Girls
  21. 戦場ヶ原 ひたぎ [vol. II]
    by Airospace
  22. Gravity Works
    by Vinnum Sabbathi
    Vinnum Sabbathi fully immerse themselves, yet again, within the dark void of space to bring us a crushing first full album. Ever wanted to know what the gravitational force of a black hole feels like? Then you should listen to this album.
  23. Mega Man: Robot Masters Resynthesized
    by New Horizons Records
    Cut Man Cut Man
    A fantastic tribute to some of the finest video game music ever made. This is an extremely entertaining re-imagining of the boss battle themes of the first series of Mega Man games.
  24. Atma
    by YOB
  25. Only Ghosts (Deluxe Version)
    by Red Fang
  26. I
    by Sun of Man
  27. II
    by Sun of Man
  28. Summertime
    by Weed Priest
  29. Astralnaut / Weed Priest Split Single
    by Weed Priest / Astralnaut
  30. Worship (EP)
    by Weed Priest
  31. Weed Priest
    by Weed Priest
  32. Hunted
    by Khemmis
    Three Gates Three Gates
    The bar has now been reset for what makes the perfect doom album. This album is a crushing, chugging, riff-fest of epic proportions. Truly this is a masterpiece to be held in the highest regards next to the likes of Dopesmoker and Dopethrone.
  33. Kindred Shadow
    by Pogo
    The Trouble The Trouble
    by 『Drip Drop』
  35. 戦場ヶ原 ひたぎ [vol. I]
    by Airospace
  36. Mass & Volume
    by Pig Destroyer
  37. Guardians
    by Saor
    More Saor? Yes, please! This band is magnificent. The blend of Scottish folk and atmospheric black metal is perfect as always, and I will continue to support and enjoy this truly awesome band.
  38. Girl's Love 少女愛
    Magical Girl's (feat. AVANNA) Magical Girl's (feat. AVANNA)
  39. Pattern Of Infinity
    by Trna
  40. Changed Unchanging
    by Oak Pantheon
  41. In Pieces
    by Oak Pantheon
  42. The Void
    by Oak Pantheon
  43. The Void (2014 Remaster)
    by Oak Pantheon
  44. From a Whisper
    by Oak Pantheon
  45. Ascension
    by Amiensus
    One in Spirit One in Spirit
    Trying to pin down what this is with a subgenre label seems kind of pointless to me. It is metal. Fantastically frantic at times but also sometimes soothing and mellow, it mixes a whole slew of varied elements and influences into something unique and beautiful.