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  1. Ave Neptune
    by Neurotech
    Repent in Need Repent in Need
    We all know Wulf is a talented man and i've been following his work for years. But this... This is GENIUS to me right now. This will probably top many end of the year lists. It's beyond greatness, it's a lot of appealing elements tastefully assembled into glorious compositions to reach unprecedented heights! I love it. I'm not on drugs, I swear. I don't need it when I have this album.
  2. A Violent Truth
    by Allfather
    Cast Off The Cross Cast Off The Cross
    Sometimes you gotta start with the fucking obvious downside... IT'S TOO SHORT. Otherwise it's even better than the other albums, and the other albums were just rippers. I love to listen to Allfather while doing real men stuff like drinking alcool, stroking my beard or fighting against all sorts of oppressions. So grab your copy, grab a beer or any beverage and join Allfather in being decent people playing or listening to great and exciting music. That's bloody easy!
  3. VERTIGE - Aux Solitaires !
    by Transcendance
    Les grands précipices Les grands précipices
    Une expérience particulièrement transcendante. Ce n'est pas une blague.
    Je n'aurais jamais cru qu'un album de Black Metal me donnerait autant envie de vivre. J'étais pas prêt, notamment pour ce dernier morceau.
  4. Without A Trace
    by Misty Route
  5. the time of peril
    by Glyph
  6. A Fate Worse Than Home
    by Iravu
  7. Añoranzas Pastorales
    by Etxegina
  8. El Olivo y el Olvido
    by Etxegina
  9. Occult Anarchist Propaganda
    by Book of Sand
  10. Brouillard et Drache
    by Brouillard & Drache
  11. hopeless (demo)
    by Dispar
  12. Ein Abbild Der Leere
    by Kluizenaer
  13. Ved Lysets Ophør
    by Tugt
  14. The Quiet Earth
    by Morrow
  15. Der Turm
    by Festung
  16. Compendium
    by Forgotten Ghost
  17. The Twilight Labyrinth Of The Minotaur
    by The Owl Knight
  18. Return Into Forever
    by Clarent Blade
  19. Social Tympanum
    by Proudhon
  20. La Montaña
    by Etxegina