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  2. Electronic
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  1. Impaled Upon Spires of Rot
    by Defleshed And Gutted
  2. Elements of Contamination
    by Gamma Sector
  3. Splatterpuss DEMO
    by Splatterpuss
  4. Wretched Existence
    by Before The Harvest
  5. Doomed To Disembowelment
    by Internal Devour
  6. Kicked Teeth
    by Gouge
  7. Desecration Amputation DEMO
    by Cerebral Secretion
  8. Worldwide Extermination
    by Cryogenic Defilement
  9. Nex Omne
    by Gamma Sector
  10. Labyrinths Of Dark Energy
    by Splatterpuss
  11. Excruciating Malformations of Abhorrent Descent
    by Defleshed And Gutted, Devour The Unborn, Slamentation, Inhuman Atrocities
  12. Upon A Throne Of Greed
    by Human Error
  13. Inhuman Condition
    by Dimensional Decay
    Sadistic Reminisce Sadistic Reminisce
    brutal guitar rifts and bass drops, great BSDM album, love every track.
  14. Infinite Realms Of Decay
    by Cerebral Secretion
  15. Dark Cloud
    by Cardijum
  16. Transmutation 2014
    by Internal Devour
  17. Fragments of Consciousness
  18. Forma Vil
    by MAL
  19. Transhumanism
    by Virial
  20. Paradoxus
    by Inhuman Architects