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  1. Moral Collapse
    by Moral Collapse
  2. Riffs for Reproductive Justice
    by Black Flags Over Brooklyn
  3. Gevurah
    by Wrekan
  4. Nameless and Formless
    by Apoxupon
  5. Φονικό Φως (Murderous Light)
    by Spectral Lore
  6. Cosmic Ritual (Split with Asbjorn Daemonium de Noctis)
    by Abyssielle
  7. Cosmic Ritual (Split with Abyssielle)
    by Asbjorn Daemonium de Noctis
  8. The Fading Flame
    by Putrescine
  9. No Dawn For Men
    by Feminazgul
  10. Lunar Nocturnes and Esoteric Incantations
    by Jenn Taiga
  11. Virgin Womb of Eternal Black Terror
    by dai-ichi / Lamp of Murmuur
  12. Split with Spider God
    by Μνήμα-Spider God
  13. 過去と未来の間
    by QuadratoX
  14. Gevurah
    by Wrekan
  15. Sky Road
    by Owl Maker
  16. Mount of the Congregation
    by Karma Violens
    Embrace Embrace
    Riff driven and aggressive with some real teeth, yet still movingly melodic, Mount of the Congregation is a triumphant album for this Greek band. All of the pieces fit so well together and envelop you entirely. I'm making dinner, pumping my fist, and trying to sing along to songs I'm hearing for the first time. Bravo!
  17. Wormskull - Nocturnal Knights
    by Wormskull
  18. Ascendant Blasphemy
    by PlagueWeaver
    Lay Fire Lay Fire
    Ascendant Blasphemy is a slow-burning, mind-bending journey into the utter darkness of the void. The hellish atmosphere created by doom paced, blackened riffs afflicts the listener in a torrent of negative energy.
  19. Universal Trajectory
    by North Star the Wanderer
  20. Keepers of the Fungal Order
    by Hideous Gomphidius