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    by crystalpep64 & S H E E P
  2. Beyond the Outer Loop
    by Ochre
  3. Funeral Pyre
    by Julien Baker
  4. Visions
    by Sea In The Sky
  5. Journey
    by Austin Wintory
    Nascence Nascence
    This is one of the most amazing sountracks in the history of gaming. Right up there with Halo and TLoU. Absolutely breathtaking work. I've listened to this again and again and again, and it just keeps getting better each time.
  6. Isolette
    by Ochre
  7. Waking Dreams
    by Chris Dingman
  8. Minecraft - Volume Alpha
    by C418
  9. National Ignition
    by Ochre
  10. Dusk to Dawn
    by emancipator
  11. Drum Therapy
    by Tor
    Glass & Stone Glass & Stone
    Subtle and sublime. This album is a magnificent achievement and almost defies description. Let's just hope the 2nd album doesn't take another 10 years Just listen and enjoy!
  12. Spring Semester
    by Kanagawa
    Hawthorn Tree Hawthorn Tree
    More sheer brilliance by Failotron, who is without a doubt, the most underrated performer and songwriter in electronic music today. When you throw him in with his obviously very talented friends, it only gets better, if that's even possible.
  13. Early Learning
    by Ochre
    A Distant Retreat A Distant Retreat
    Fantastic re-issue of long forgotten material. Even Chris's early works still showcase his brilliance as an arranger, songwriter and engineer. Loved every second of it.
  14. Remixes
    by emancipator
    First Snow (Ooah Remix) First Snow (Ooah Remix)
    Brilliant remixes in tribute to one of the premier performers on today's music scene. A must for emancipator fans!
  15. A Midsummer Nice Dream
    by Ochre
    Drink Malk Drink Malk
    This is quite simply, a masterpiece. I love every single second of this work, and even after listening to it 1000x or more, I'm still astonished by it's crisp songwriting, sublime beats and brilliant tones. It's absolutely magnificent in every way.