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Svartulfr Thorirsson

  1. Vancouver, British Columbia
  2. Metal
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  1. The Stranger
    by SIG:AR:TYR
    Tears for Baldur Tears for Baldur
  2. IV: Arrow in Heart
    by Aosoth
    IV-1. An Arrow In Heart IV-1. An Arrow In Heart
  3. Glorification of Holy Death
    by KAFIRUN
    Wings of Malevolence Wings of Malevolence
    Crafting melodies and vespers of long forgotten deities this album gently pulls you into a darkly rich dream from which you may fear the voices hiding in the dark but yet stand transfixed in the lull of their death like grip. Elated by the sheer power of this album drawing Elysian dreams one can easily come to the Cthonic force of the hidden realms while listening to this gem. I am reminded at times of a few of my favourite Norwegian bands but they carve out a world all of their own with their musicianship. Don't miss out on this or you will regret it.
  4. Serpents & Storms
    by SVNEATR
    Crimson Star Crimson Star