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  1. DJ Dwarf 21
    by :Wumpscut:
  2. Fledermavs 303 (Main Album)
    by :Wumpscut:
  3. Puer Aeternus
    by Advent Resilience
    Hotel Metropol Hotel Metropol
    I love the ambiance in this album. I know Advent Resilience from the mixes of :Wumpscut: but didn't know they make such great music by themself until I chatted with them in the :W: release party of Fledermavs 303. All songs are very nice, but this song gives me goosebumps. I think it is the ambiance combined with the lyrics.
  4. Breathe
    by Aphexia
  5. Quarter of a Century
    by Benjamin Schoones
    Photos from Last Holiday Photos from Last Holiday
    Sounds great, the piano is making me feel relaxed. It inspires me. And love the glitchy things in it.
  6. Corpo-Mente
    by Corpo-Mente
    Ort Ort
    Ow my god. Great sound. So in love with Laure, her voice and emotion is breath taking. Got her lyrics and they are great. Love the studio version of ort more then the cd version.... tears everytime I listen...
  7. lifeforms
    by diaphane
  8. zand
    by distel
  9. puur
    by distel
  10. a knife in sound
    by trepaneringsritualen • distel
  11. wapens
    by distel
  12. Here Comes The Night
    by Dreadwvlf
    Rats Rats
    I have heard and saw this artist on youtube. Love his style, I see him as an example of what I want to make as a noob artist. Someday I will find the peace to start making music for my own, till this time, I keep on listening this album.
  13. Carnival Of Catharsis
    by Ecstasphere
    Creeping Creatures Made Of Fear Creeping Creatures Made Of Fear
    Love the atmosphere, building up, little bit horror feelings...Great track
  14. Feed Your Head
    by Ecstasphere
    Projektion Projektion
    I love the weirdness of her music. It's freaky, it's danceable, IT'S GREAT.
  15. Transgressions: Documenting Decay
  16. Another Sleepless Night
    by Embrionyc
  17. Not Quite Forgotten
    by Embrionyc
    Lawaaieriger (Negative Thoughts Remix by Embrionyc) Lawaaieriger (Negative Thoughts Remix by Embrionyc)
    Sigh.... jesus. What a great artist. Love the doom style in it. Weird that the hardcore fans love it, because the bpm is too slow to jump on it and it is too dirty for those white shirts. And it's melancholic.
  18. Grauraum
    by Grauraum
  19. Shades
    by Grauraum
  20. Támsins Likam
    by Hamferð