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  1. Macrobial
    by Immanifest
  2. Welcome to New Jersey
    by Replicant
  3. Place of Chains
    by Singularity
  4. Neural Correlates of Hate
    by Spectral
    Nihilist Nihilist
    Brilliantly written and extraordinary well played, this is definitely among the best genre releases of the past decade.
  5. Gold And Rust
    by Engulf
  6. Transcend
    by Engulf
  7. Skyless (feat. Jeff Loomis)
    by Andy Gillion
    This passion for music is heart-warming and should be fuckin' perceived!
  8. Alizarin Refraction
    by Human
  9. Pain Will Define Their Death
    by Vitriol
    The Parting of a Neck The Parting of a Neck
    Stunning craftsmanship and poetry, this is too good to be true. May you guys conquer the fucking world!
  10. Crafted By Society EP
    by Brought By Pain
  11. Gomorrah
    by Gomorrah
    For Those of Eld For Those of Eld
    This is by far one of the best if not among the three best genre releases in 2019. Tech Death glory!
  12. Nocturnal Gates
    by Freedom of Fear
    The Consciousness Of Misery The Consciousness Of Misery
    Terrifyingly beautiful in all its flawlessness. This is how to play techy Death in 2019!
  13. Arcane Evolution
    by Unburnt
  14. Unburying the Horses of War
    by Fleshpyre
  15. Titanomachy
    by Imperium
  16. Beneath the Cosmic Silence
    by Atlas Entity
    In the Shadow of the Mountain pt. 1 In the Shadow of the Mountain pt. 1
    Astonishingly fragile and heartbreaking: Melodic Death in all its glory!
  17. Infecting Paranoid Minds
    by Incontinence
  18. Absolution
    Gleaming Black Gleaming Black
    This is greatness! For all you Death Metal connaisseurs out there.
  19. Awake to Emptiness
    by blyh
  20. Hive of Mutation
    by Demisery
  21. Flub
    by Flub
  22. Панихида
    by Krzysztof Drabikowski
    This is greatness!
  23. Malicious Malpractice
    by Urosepsis
  24. Amygdala
    by Paroxysmal Butchering
  25. Of Rot and Ruin
    by Hath
    Usurpation is by far one of the best Extreme Metal Songs I've heard in a decade. I'm so stoked about the upcoming album!
  26. Mind Over Matter
    by Tobias Schuler
  27. Relapse Sampler 2018
    by Relapse Sampler
  28. Poostew - plutocracy LP
    by Institut für mentale Hygiene
  29. Dunes
    by Sutrah
  30. Soil
    by Glare Of The Sun
    One Step Nothing One Step Nothing
    Never noticed these guys before. Then I hear the first song and the obligatory goosebumps due to the fact of realizing something special arises immediately. Does anyone remember Post Metal pioneers Mindrot who released two brilliant full length albums during their brief history? This is how they could sound today! Excellent songwriting and musicianship packed in some of the best songs I've heard in years!
  31. Revenge
    by Released Anger
  32. Victims Beyond All Help LP
    by Besieged
  33. Besieged EP
    by Besieged
  34. Destroy Judas/Io Apreo
    by destroy judas
  35. Forever Like Stars...We Shine
    by destroy judas
  36. Wake
    by Destroy Judas
  37. Imperium
    by The Kennedy Veil
  38. With All Their Might
    by Dyscarnate
  39. Enthroned In Gray
    by Sentient Ignition
  40. Birthing Homunculi
    by Equipoise
    Alchemic Web of Deceit Alchemic Web of Deceit
    Seriously this is one of the best albums I've ever heard when it comes to Death Metal and progressive metal in particular. I am deeply impressed guys. Very well done! And also thnx for your commitment to serve a greater good.
  41. Recollapse of the Universe
  42. Consuming The Divine
    by God Enslavement
    Belial Within Belial Within
    How come you guys are not well-known? Anyway, this is easily one of the best records I've heard in the last few years when it comes to Death-Grind. Superb!
  43. An Atomic Decision
  44. Dim and Slimeridden Kingdoms
    by Slugdge
  45. The Dirge of the Surrogate Invictus
    by Enfold Darkness