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  1. More
    by Blankenberge
  2. Waves
    by Pray For Sound
  3. Not All Who Wonder Are Lost
  4. Crimea
    by We Lost The Sea
  5. Triumph & Disaster
    by We Lost The Sea
  6. To Myself, From Myself
    by Lonesome
  7. The Woods
    by A Swarm of the Sun
  8. just
    by crown of pity
  9. Outlander - The Valium Machine (CD, Zine & Sticker)
    by Outlander
  10. Radiogaze (LP 2017)
    by Blankenberge
  11. Ritual Love
    by Trench
  12. More
    by Blankenberge
  13. Dust
    by Show Me A Dinosaur
  14. Sacrifices
    by A Secret Revealed
  15. Departure Songs - Live at Dunk!Fest 2017
    by We Lost The Sea
  16. Live at Old South Church
    by Caspian
  17. Radiogaze (LP 2017)
    by Blankenberge
  18. Live at dunk!fest 2018
    by Ranges
  19. Shipwrecks (Album)
    by Shipwrecks
  20. New Others Part One
    by This Will Destroy You
  21. S/T (10th Anniversary Edition)
    by This Will Destroy You
  22. The Further Still
    by Coastlands
  23. Requiem
    by Silent Whale Becomes A° Dream
    Lacrymósa Dies Illa Lacrymósa Dies Illa
    This band should be bigger than Mono, but they do not play out enough. They are the occult; a hidden gem of the post-rock world.

    Silent Whale is a rare gift we get to experience as humans.

    If you know, you know.
  24. REALMS
    by HOLY FAWN
    by HOLY FAWN
  26. Anyone, Anywhere
    by I/O
  27. Cycles
    by Appalaches
  28. Myra
    by Spurv
  29. umbra
    by indignu [lat.]
  30. Departure Songs
    by We Lost The Sea
  31. Between darkness and light
    by BLAK
  32. Raptures
    by Degree of Arc
  33. Through Dusk, Came The Light
    by The Sun Burns Bright
  34. Golden Hymns Sing 'Jobless & Worried'
    by Golden Hymns Sing 'Hurrah'
  35. Our world was dying/Our world was dead
    by Golden Hymns Sing 'Hurrah'
  36. East-the-Water
    by Of the Vine
  37. East-the-Water
    by Of the Vine
  38. Everything Is Beautiful
    by Pray For Sound
  39. s/t
    by Daturah
  40. Give me beauty... Or give me death! (Remixed/Remastered 2012)
    by EF
  41. The Lesser Lights
    by Ranges
  42. Solstice
    by Astralia
  43. In Excelsis
    by The End Of The Ocean
  44. We Were So Wrong
    by Besides
  45. Everything is
    by Besides