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  1. Norwich, Connecticut
  2. Metal
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  1. Der wilde Jäger
    by Meineidiger
  2. Demos XVII & XVIII
    by Ghoëst
  3. A Chance Meeting of Mages
    by Elminster x Mossbridge Mage
  4. The Black Swordsman
    by Scarlet Eclipse & Orlok's Mourning
  5. Realm and Ritual MMXXIII Sampler
    by Realm and Ritual
  6. Severance
    by Returning
  7. Secrets of the Golden Palace
    by Psuchagōgoi
  8. I & II
    by Magic Hilt
  9. Uhratuille
    by Ruohtta
  10. The Festering of Winters Night
    by MISERY
  11. A Fate Worse Than Home
    by Iravu
  12. Primal - Ancient - Legendary
    by Casket of Dreams
  13. Besna
    by Besna
  14. The Divine Accolade
    by The Divine Accolade
  15. The Four Dimensions
    by Snawfuss
  16. Resplendent Apparitions at the Dawn
    by Another Black Autumn
  17. Mnajdra
    by Mnajdra
  18. Into the Twilight
    by Bán Sidhe Dogs
  19. Eeden peruttu (demo 2023)
    by Lunastus
  20. Icons of the Melancholy
    by This White Mountain