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Joe Gola

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  1. On Arrival
    by Kyle Edward Connolly
    Permanent Haze Permanent Haze
  2. Sub-Aquatic Meditation Vol. 2
    by Panabrite
  3. Summerlong
    by Rose City Band
  4. Spectrum Garden
    by N Chambers
  5. Metamorphosed
    by Osees
  6. UMMON
    by SLIFT
  7. I'm so Glad to See You
    by The Bran Flakes
  8. Techno Top: Solar Live Vol 4, 9.27.19
    by Chris Forsyth
  9. Peoples Motel Band
    by Chris Forsyth with Garcia Peoples
  10. Frequency Ensemble
    by N Chambers
  11. With Dim Light
    by Minami Deutsch/南ドイツ
  12. The Snowfields
    by The Snowfields
  13. Museum of Fire
    by Adderall Canyonly
    Fugitive boops & electrical wingwangs. Outer space culture from the galactic library, overdue fines growing exorbitant and only payable in shades of vermilion.
  14. Hi-Action
    by MIMICO
  15. Facets
    by N Chambers
    Myosynchron Myosynchron
    Dense and challenging electronica. I don’t agree with the “ambient” tag; it comes at you like a complex soundscape, but it’s definitely not background music.
  16. Give Me Room Under the Fire of the Sun
    by Adderall Canyonly
    2:22 AM flipping between channels, the soundtrack of ‘70s science documentaries, weird Swedish dramas, sci-fi flicks with a lone capsule sailing deep into candy-colored nebulae, mysterious infomercials with no voiceover selling a product of unspecified function.
  17. Heavy Age
    by Unwed Sailor
    Indian Paintbrush Indian Paintbrush
  18. All Time Present
    by Chris Forsyth
    New Paranoid Cat New Paranoid Cat
  19. The Halls of Wickwire
    by Cousins
    Ocean Ocean
  20. Not So Proud
    by Tallies