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Gniewko Bozydar

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  2. Metal
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  1. Sedhate
    by Sedhate
  3. Split 7''
    by Hyperdontia / Mortiferum
  4. 1763
    by Great Dismal Swamp
  5. From The Ghost Grey Depths
    by Old Horn Tooth
  6. Voices from the Void
    by London Doom Collective
  7. Agony In The Garden II
    by Melancholia
  8. Dismal Planet
    by Coffin Torture
  9. Hidden History of the Human Race
    by Blood Incantation
  10. Estron
    by Slomatics
  11. Electric Ceremony
    by Funeral Noise
  12. Widowmaker
    by ORYX
  13. gale
    by Gale
    Beneath the thick, sludgy layers you hear the occasional elements of doom, grunge and little bit of post metal, too. All played with tonnes of attitude in a very original and rather uniquely sounding way. This album is a must have.
  14. Phantom Fury
    by Wizard Union
  15. Smoking Coffins
    by Wizard Union
  16. Ceremonial Smoke
    by Wizard Union
  17. Verminous Scum EP
    by Verminous Scum
  18. EP 3023
    by DogKickedinHalf
  19. The Hound
    by Monte Luna
  20. Monte Luna
    by Monte Luna