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  1. Go Be Forgotten
    by Krallice
  2. Vile Luxury
    by Imperial Triumphant
    Cosmopolis Cosmopolis
    Imperial Triumphant mold askew, writhing Extreme Metal and hazy Jazz into an Escher-esque art-deco fever dream that, literally and figuratively, is truly something else.
  3. Grave Mounds And Grave Mistakes
    by A Forest Of Stars
    Tombward Bound Tombward Bound
    The band's devotion to sheer theatricality, in pacing, in the structure of the pieces, in stylistic variations, in vocal style, gives this album a captivating storytelling, stage-play feel on eye-level with Unexpects "In A Flesh Aquarium" or Disillusions "Back To Times Of Splendour". And you can take that as a huge compliment.
  4. Infrared Horizon
    Estranged From Orbit Estranged From Orbit
    An album in which meticlously placed skewed notes and dissonances not so much reinforce the alienness of its soundscapes, but rather lend a certain sense of sorrowful nostalgia to the sweeping melancholy of the melodies those soundscapes are woven around. Like an old scratching, tone shifting recording of a sad old tune. Lending a unique sense of weight to its slowly whirling compositions.
  5. Birefringence
    by Jute Gyte
    Prosopons Prosopons
  6. Undulating Waves of Rainbiotic Iridescence
    by Gigan
    In Between, Throughout Form and Void In Between, Throughout Form and Void
    A kind of maelstrom of manic unraveling of what guitars are supposed to sound like, of how different instruments are supposed to interact, of how Death Metal has to sound and of how Psychedelia have to sound... that somehow spits out coherent songs that are really quite catchy.
  7. Encenathrakh at a reasonable price
    by Encenathrakh
  8. Also sprach Futura
    by Lychgate
  9. Nascido Sob o Signo Incivilizatório
    by Kaatayra
  10. A Beacon In The Husk
    by Abyssal
  11. False Peace
    by Aseitas
  12. The Approaching Roar
    Urn Urn
    It sure sounds like a crushing vortex. But the sheer joy of relentlessness, weight and earthen rumble and growl on display here makes it feel more like a massage.
  13. Solarborn
    by Kunstzone
    The Harrowing Dawn The Harrowing Dawn
    "Holy moly", as the true connoisseur would put it. Some may even feel inclined to let out a strongly felt"Oh dear".
    Whatever the case, bring slightly higher teacups, or you might expierence some spilling due to a variety of different causes related to the consumption of this work.
  14. Beyonna Nuit
    by SurgeryHead
  15. Rabbit Junk Will Die: Meditations on Mortality
    by Rabbit Junk
    Bend the Light Bend the Light
    Back with their first full length release in ages with all the hyperactive, eclectic, angry bang you could possibly want. The ardorous clutter of their various Electronica, Metal and Punk -influences plays right into the density, grime and overwhelmingness of the world depicted and stories told. Rounded out by a strong sense of dramatic arc and closedness throughout its runtime.
  16. Mordial
    by Car Bomb
  17. The Burning Sun
    by Radiance
    The Burning Sun The Burning Sun
    A beautiful combination of a traditional Progressive Metal approach and various more Modern influences including Meshuggah and Devin Townsend, constituting an atmospheric and emotional mix of extensive dramatic song structures, emotional vocalwork, meditative ambients and crushing grooves.
  18. Inmazes
    by VOLA
    Owls Owls
    I've been excited for their debut album since their stellar EP "Monsters" and it was worth every second of wait. The way they let mathy, ten ton heavy riffs melt into gentle vocal melodies that draw you in on the first note, shaping powerful dramatic arcs with spot on use of soothing but still massive synth-scapes, is nothing short of mesmerising.
    An album that wears its unique blend of Math Metal, Progressive Metal and Pop with a gripping claritry and emotional devotion.
  19. Future City Dating Service
    by JK/47 * Animal Firepower * GHOSTWVLF * Sam Haine
    Kaori and Kai かおり あんd かい Kaori and Kai かおり あんd かい
    Combining song-oriented music, background music, ambient sounds and literary elements, keeping them shifting between diegetic and non-diegetic states, this latest entry in the Cyberpunk-centric works of JK/47 lets every stretch of sound be just as much part of the world depicted as it depicts that world. Building a unique kind of eventful, tangible ambiance that has a real sense of place.
  20. Left to Our Own Devices
    by Le Cassette
    Digital Power Digital Power
    An album that doesn't just manage to nail the 80s atmosphere and nostalgic charme via near perfect imitation of production, types of melodies, vocal stylng, right down to the word choices in the lyrics, as if that wasn't charming enough; but also manages to to harness the combination of overt cheesyness and light melancholy to create songs that strike a perfect balance between catchy and touching. Giving it a vibrant allure far beyond its nostalgic appeal.