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Lord Cheshire

  1. Fort Worth, Texas
  2. Hip-Hop/Rap
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  1. A Few Songs EP
    by RoboRob
    The Mothersound 2 ft. Natalie Major The Mothersound 2 ft. Natalie Major
    I love this EP so much because He eats Buts :-D
  2. Geekotica
    by Professor Shyguy
    1-Up 1-Up
    Whole CD is perfect. I have no words....
  3. Rated Heart
    by Professor Shyguy
    Han Shot First Han Shot First
    I am always amazed at everything that comes from Shyguy. and he does it all himself on top of that. Its just amazing
  4. Sick Passenger
    by Schaffer the Darklord
    Giant Iron Snake Giant Iron Snake
    This is a little more then unsettling. it takes you a very wild ride and pushes your comfort levels in a good way. i don't know if i should clap, or give him a hug.
  5. introducing neals
    by ytcracker
    system failed system failed
    The cover may be blue and black, but that is a facade. It's actually gold. I hope a sequel and the movie are made :)
  6. Angel Confetti
    by MC Ohm-I
    Nerd You Up Nerd You Up
    So, this album is awesome. I had only listened to Ohm-I on other peoples stuff, and loved it. However, I wasn't expecting this.
    Nerd You Up is amazing and I can't stop listening to it!
  7. Hood Hemingway
    by Ish1da
    Even Death May Die Even Death May Die
    Whole thing is lit. all of it. the whole shabang. DON'T SLEEP ON THIS!
  8. Clouded Judgement
    by Ish1da
    Coming Home Coming Home
  9. Digital Champions: Migdal Bavel
    by Alpha Riff + MZ
    The Fate of Keyware ft. MC Ohm-1 as Keyware + Zilla Persona as Fate The Fate of Keyware ft. MC Ohm-1 as Keyware + Zilla Persona as Fate
    Man. this album takes you on a journey. I cant even listen to it track by track. I have to listen to it start to finish every time. its like watching a movie.
  10. Solaris part 3 - Lux Perpetua
    by RoboRob
    Colours (Original Mix) Colours (Original Mix)
    Do you need some wubs in your life? look no further! Rob is a professional and his talent shows here in full beautiful form here.
  11. Doug Funnie Presents: The "unofficial" Collaboration Mixtape
    by Doug Funnie
    Movin' Out (Beefy, & Hairetsu) Movin' Out (Beefy, & Hairetsu)
    This whole CD is amazing. moving out is my favorite here, gets stuck in my head for days man!
  12. Homecoming
    by Doug Funnie
    Running Away (Ft Professor Shyguy & Richie Branson) Running Away (Ft Professor Shyguy & Richie Branson)
    Best album from the best nerdcore hip-hop artist this side of bluffington!
  13. John Wick Ep
    by TWREX
    K.I.M. K.I.M.
    Beat is killer, lyrics are meaningful and flow is smooth. Very nice.