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  1. Destroy All Monsters
    by Groovy Kaiju
    Chillin' With Some Koi Fish Chillin' With Some Koi Fish
  2. Klaus Veen - Santabeats 2016 Album
    by Klaus Veen
    Klaus Veen - The Servant Klaus Veen - The Servant
  3. Psyconia
    by Machinedrum
    Figueroa Figueroa
  4. Earth Boy Advance
    by Earth Boy Advance
    Online Online
  5. Space
    by EX-LYD
    Exo-planet Exo-planet
  6. Chip Heat
    by EX-LYD
    Ocean of Colors (part 1) Ocean of Colors (part 1)
  7. High Tide
    by EX-LYD
    Sea Hike Sea Hike
  8. Trunk Fiction
    by 2 Mello
    Foot Traffic Foot Traffic
  9. Sounds Of Tokyo-To Future
    by 2 Mello
    BREAK DOWN BREAK UP (ft. Anton Corazza) BREAK DOWN BREAK UP (ft. Anton Corazza)
  10. Virtual Girls Band a.k.a Sparkle
    by CHANCE デラソウル
    Do It Do It
  11. Europe
    by Marc Rebillet
    Cologne (feat. Flula Borg) Cologne (feat. Flula Borg)
  12. Streets of Rage 4: Mr. X Nightmare (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by Tee Lopes
    Primal Pummel Primal Pummel
  13. Goin Up
    by Olive T
    This is a Bop This is a Bop
  14. Rare, Forever
    An Exhale An Exhale
  15. kuso - Original Soundtrack Vol. 2
    by James Bennett
    Jellyfish Jellyfish
  16. Crystal Shores
    by VIQ
    VIQ & Eagle Eyed Tiger - Burn Your Letters VIQ & Eagle Eyed Tiger - Burn Your Letters
  17. LOVE 3 Demo EP
    by James Bennett, Screenwave Media Games
    Aries Aries
    by callasoiled
    gan gan
  19. Palmscapes
    by Hotel Pools
    Splash feat. VIQ Splash feat. VIQ
  20. Seconda Vista
    by Breezewax & Bakoda a.k.a. Evan Awake
    Subplots and Digressions Subplots and Digressions