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  1. Saint Louis, Missouri
  2. Hip-Hop/Rap
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  1. things that happen at day // things that happen at night
    by milo
  2. [late night bumps 4]
    by bsd.u
  3. [reflections pt.1]
    by bsd.u
  4. [late night bumps 2]
    by bsd.u
  5. [a sad kind of bliss]
    by bsd.u
  6. [late night bumps]
    by bsd.u
  7. [444.]
    by bsd.u
  8. Five Finger Discount LP
    by Savages
    You're My Chocolate You're My Chocolate
    This is just some really smooth wax. Amazing hip hop beats with that classic vibe.
  9. Runway
    by SwuM
  10. Illloud
    by SwuM.
  11. PUF.
    by SwuM.
  12. so the flies don't come
    by milo
  13. (Boyle) and Piles EP
    by RED WALL
    It's certainly Milo in a different light. Which isn't bad. Some of the tracks are passable, but some are completely necessary to the Milo experience, I'm looking at you "Maybe I Like Owls".
  14. Grief Factory
    by The Maness Brothers
    River Witch River Witch
    This is killer St. Louis blues at its best. A must listen if you're looking for The Black Keys with rougher edges.
  15. I wish my brother Rob was here
    by milo
    Vinz Clortho meets Zuul Vinz Clortho meets Zuul
    This album has become a staple between my varied group of friends. It's raw and real. This isn't just artistic expression. This is poetry at its finest.
  16. Mystify
    by XXYYXX