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Francis Douglas' Body

  1. Freiburg, Germany
  2. Alternative
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  1. it's always a bad time.
  2. o'rallo
  3. These Four Walls (10th Anniversary edition)
    by We Were Promised Jetpacks
  4. EP
    by Jr. Clooney
    by ART SQOOL
  6. Skeleton Run (Digital Album)
    by The Pretty Littles
    Sober Sober
    If all else fails the ultimate life goal has got be finding the sweatiest, grittiest club this band plays at, letting go of the mind dancing and spilling beer on people. Oh how I would love that.
  7. Gawk
    by Vundabar
  8. Someone Who Isn't Me
    by What Moon Things
  9. How Many Times Have You Driven By
    by hana vu
  10. captain
    by Fog Lake
  11. please don't wake me
    by Krista Michaela
  12. Desire 願う
    by Spazzkid
  13. Nothing Yet
    by Surf Curse
  14. The Dongo Durango
    by sun club
  15. Strangers Remade
    by Tearjerker
  16. Strangers
    by Tearjerker
  17. The Gardiner
    by Tearjerker
  18. Hiding
    by Tearjerker
  19. Rare
    by Tearjerker
  20. Hiding With Friends
    by Tearjerker
  21. Stay Wild
    by Tearjerker
  22. Awkward Pop Songs
    by JANK
  23. Oh No
    by Jessy Lanza
    It Means I Love You It Means I Love You
  24. landscapes in watercolor
  25. Discography
    by Turning Point
  26. Me Oh My Mirror
    by Current Joys
  27. Wild Heart
  28. As It Were
    by Marietta
  29. Brush Your Teeth, Again ;)
    by Dads
  30. still bummed
    by nouns
    dogs dogs
  31. Victoria Park
    by Fog Lake
    Running Out Fast Running Out Fast
  32. moment
    by Tall Tall Trees
    Men and Mountains Men and Mountains
  33. American Radass (this is important)
    by Dads
    Bakefast at Piffany's Bakefast at Piffany's
  34. Buds
    by Surf Curse
    In My Head Till I'm Dead In My Head Till I'm Dead
  35. The Kissing Party
    by S.L.F.M
    Dancing On Hardwood Floors Dancing On Hardwood Floors
  36. Out Of The Bloom
    by Fiddlehead
    My Arboretum My Arboretum
  37. What Moon Things
    by What Moon Things
    Sun, Where's The Fire Sun, Where's The Fire