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  1. Respect the Prime:The Constructed Cold EP
    by Various Artists
  2. Electronic Saviors Presents: Respect the Prime 1986 Revisited
    by Distortion Productions
  3. UltraHighTechViolet
    by Standeg
  4. Polaris
    by Nebula Black
  5. Europa (EP)
    by Nebula Black
  6. Descent
    by Nebula Black
  7. City Noir
    by Nebula Black
  8. Gray Winter Blues (single)
    by Michael Arthur Holloway
    I hope this marks the coming of another album. Guilt noir was such a great masterpiece, I so very much would like to hear more of this style.
  9. Hex Angel (Utopia - Dystopia)
    by Velvet Acid Christ
  10. Calling Ov The Dead
    by Velvet Acid Christ
  11. Pretty Toy
    by Velvet Acid Christ
  12. Fun With Knives (Remastered)
    by Velvet Acid Christ
  13. Ora Oblivionis (Deluxe Version)
    by Velvet Acid Christ
  14. Mental disorder v.2 (Bonus Tracks Version)
    by ACYLUM
  15. Karzinom (Bonus Tracks Version)
    by ACYLUM
  16. Pest (Bonus Tracks Version)
    by ACYLUM
  17. Filthy Memories – Part 2
    by ACYLUM
  18. Filthy Memories
    by ACYLUM
  19. The Lockdown Sessions
    by NeuroAxis
    honestly, it's very refreshing to see an artist genuinely care about what we all are going through (over all the pretenders that we see out there). so much so, to make what may as well be a soundtrack to the situation.
    wulf is an awesome composer, in a fair span of sounds and styles.
    and this is another great album.
    so glad to download the full release.
    the whole album is worth a listen to.
  20. There Is No Redemption
    by W.A.S.T.E.
    The Devil's Playground The Devil's Playground