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Philipp Felleisen

  1. Speyer, Germany
  2. Metal
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  1. Solitary Confinement
    by Decadawn
    Disappear Disappear
  2. Death Be Thy Shepherd
    by Reign of Fury
    Gates of Sanity Gates of Sanity
  3. Wetterkreuz
    by Eïs
    Mann Aus Stein Mann Aus Stein
  4. Acheron
    by Mechina
    2. Earth-Born Axiom 2. Earth-Born Axiom
    Maybe one of the most underrated Bands I heard in a while. Awesome Mix of Death/Black Metal, Industrial and Ambient, which mixes up to a a great atmospheric SciFi Soundtrack. It even made me want to watch a nice SciFi Movie today ;-). There's always sth. to explore on Acheron, it never gets boring. I hope that this album will be a major breakthrough for Mechina ! Awesome !