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  1. No Clearance
    by Vasudeva
    Take Away Take Away
  2. The Kraken Quartet - Audiotree Live
    by The Kraken Quartet
    Chance The Dog (the song) Chance The Dog (the song)
  3. Still
    by WMD
    Still Still
  4. Fade
    by Cloudkicker
    The Focus The Focus
  5. To be found
    by Coastlands
    A World Not Yet Darkened A World Not Yet Darkened
  6. The Gods of the Copybook Headings
    by Ranges
    As Fire Would Certainly Burn As Fire Would Certainly Burn
  7. Solar Mansions
    by Ranges
    The House of Aries The House of Aries
  8. Travelers
    by Chasing Dreams
    A New Home A New Home
  9. Syncope
    by Port St. Willow
    Ordinary Pleasure Ordinary Pleasure
  10. Hidden Structures
    by Rob Clouth
    The Smallest Measurable Space The Smallest Measurable Space
  11. outwardness lost
    by be water
    maybe always maybe always
    A deep exploration of haunting thoughts and soothing melodies.
  12. EP1
    by Polyenso
    Osaka Son Osaka Son
    This band never ceases to amaze me. Bringing heavy experimentation and pull from countless genres, Polyenso is the revitalization that Indie/Alternative rock needs.
  13. Nomenclature
    by Appellative
    I Want To Get Down To The Water I Want To Get Down To The Water
    This EP is like, really, really bad. Read my review here!

    P.S. Nah its totally awesome.
  14. will
    by be water
    pain of an old wound pain of an old wound
    Gentle ambient with a heavy emotional pull, "will" is an instant standout as one of the best ambient releases of 2015.
  15. Full Heal
    by Waking Aida
    Higher Fives Than You'll Ever Be Higher Fives Than You'll Ever Be
    Sophisticated songwriting mixed with fun and intense energy, Full Heal is an instrumental treat from front to back.
  16. Written & Unsent
    by Mathew Roth
    Settle Settle
    Soothing and subtle at times, but powerful and energetic at others. Written & Unsent is a testament to the versatility of the piano, and how the instrument alone can move you.
  17. Her Name In A Language Of Stars
    by Endless Melancholy
    Tiny Box of Memories Tiny Box of Memories
    When a neo-classical pianist switches to ambient soundscapes, you know it will live up to all expectations, and that's exactly what Her Name did.

  18. Everything Feels Infinite
    by Chasing Dreams
    I See You From The Clouds (feat. moshimoss) I See You From The Clouds (feat. moshimoss)
    “Everything Feels Infinite” settles the debate over quality and quantity with one simple question: Why not both? This album, full of such deep, lucid emotions seems to nail it on the head in everything it wanted to achieve, and is a great representation of how diverse an ambient release can be.