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  1. Helicoid
    by Uctumi
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    Helicoid Helicoid
  2. Chiptunes 4 Autism Volume 1: Potions of Awareness
    by Chiptunes4Autism
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    Blue-Haired Girl Blue-Haired Girl
  3. Give Me Acid
    by Silent Bomber
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    This is amazing.
    Some real good old school vibes with a fresh modern approach, and that sweet acid sound. Sounds dark. Love this one.
  4. Pleasure Island
    by Shirobon
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    Want U Want U
    Shirobon, you legend. This EP is brilliant. A lot of funk influence, bit of hardcore (am I right?), exciting throughout and really shows off how well Shirobon combines chiptune (primarily Sega Megadrive FM in this one) with modern electronic production.

    Really, awesome work. I'm blown away. :)
  5. Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 5
    by Chiptunes = WIN
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    Hope (Alpha) Hope (Alpha)
    This ChipWin release blows my mind. I have not heard anything quite like this before. Nothing has put more of a smile on my face in recent times than this album has.

    This album ranges from hyper to relaxing and everything in between with no jarring transitions from one track to another. It's near flawless.

    This release is a godsend with some of the most incredible artists in the chiptune scene, both well known and under the radar.

    It is worth donating to support the projects. :) 100%