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  1. no word from Mars
    by Population of Mars
  2. Music for Intelligent Machines (Beta Version 0.1)
    by Population of Mars
  3. Lion Snow
    by Two Ton Boa
  4. Time to Say Goodnight
    by Two Ton Boa
  5. The Break
    by Σtella
  6. HollowScene
    by Here On Mars_
  7. Melodies for the Nocturnal Pt. 1
    by Timid Deer
  8. Eat. Saul. Riot.
    by Dreamhour
  9. Dreaming In The Garden
  10. Chemical Love
    by William Earl
  11. World
    by UV-TV
    appears in 1 other collection
  12. Lost In A Dream
    by Tawiah
  13. Shell of a Girl
    by Sunny War
  14. Unity
    by FAVORIT89
  15. Guard Duty Soundtrack
    by Richard S
    Enchanted Forest Enchanted Forest
    Guard Duty is a game combining & juxtaposing two worlds: medieval fantasy & cybepunk. In exploring both these timelines, the soundtrack truly fleshes out the atmosphere of each: from the serene, idyllic string arrangements, glockenspiel & lute, through more urgent anthems of the medieval Wrinklewood, to the groovy synthesizer hi-octane tracks & dark ambient sounds of the dystopian future world. But that's not all, either: how about some smooth, dark jazz in ye olde tavern?
  16. Path Of Totality
    by Here On Mars and Nocterminal
    The Void Is Calling The Void Is Calling
    This team-up is a match made in THE VOID! Here on Mars - a classic rocker & explorer of minimalistic electronica joined forces with Nocterminal, virtuoso of beat-oriented & industrial tunes. What came out is a brilliant mixture of both their styles that's more than the sum of talents involved. It's intense, raw, with a more screechy, dirty sound & the vocals go absolutely MAD in places. We need more from this team, because they bring out the be(a)st in each other!
  17. Lap of Luxury
    by Wolf and Raven
    Lights, Camera, Fashion! Lights, Camera, Fashion!
    Wolf & Raven have brought us some of the sunniest, happiest tracks in the whole genre. This time they give us a sonic tour the 80's Miami down a different route. We're talking more posh. White limos, white suits, motorboats, catwalks & luxurious stores. There's so much elegance & swagger in those songs, like a funkier Spandau Ballet. They make you feel like a million dollars, like Miami is all yours. It's a feeling to hold on to!
  18. Winter's Veil
    by ByteMapper
    Winter's Veil Winter's Veil
    This is not an EP. This is an experience. It takes me away, to a place made of snow, ice & light. It's like an old fantasy movie. Or a dream. A deja vu. A forgotten memory of someone else's. A lost side-road to nowhere that's pure joy to walk down for the sheer beauty of endless white & the quiet. A crystal palace forming before my mind's eye, steps of translucent ice taking me higher & higher. Pure bliss!
  19. ApocalyptElectroRock
    by Here On Mars_
    Ride The Waves Ride The Waves
    It's a time of unrest Here On Mars. it's much darker than before. Angrier & sadder, watching as the world ends. Cynical at first, the witness embraces fate - only to burst into panic when the hour strikes. But then the end happens & nothing & no one is left. Just some radio station picking up scrambled gibberish in German. Electronic skeletons & solid rock. And then - an anomaly. A singularity opens a portal to the past - to a time when things can still be fixed & all this can be avoided.
  20. Olden Yolk
    by Olden Yolk