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A cartoonist, writer and game dev, always looking for great music to get lost in -- be it guitar-heavy walls of sound or subtle 80's style electronica.
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  1. Cyberdemon
    by Darkstronaut
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    It's huge and scary. It's unstoppable and unrelenting. It's loud and brutal. It's demonic & electronic. You can run, you can hide, but it's all for nothing. It will get to you and it will make you tremble with fear and awe. Give up right now and let yourself be devoured whole... by CYBERDEMON!
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  2. Birds Fall From The Sky
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    It's darkly melancholic, with a distinct undercurrent of paranoid tension, and yet so eerily uplifting, as if the darkness offered hope and warmth, home and refuge. It'd be the perfect ending credits song to a David Lynch movie.
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  3. The Black Box
    by aivi & surasshu
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    Distance (Bicycle Trip) Distance (Bicycle Trip)
    This album is my new happy place! It feels like a warm, sunny spring day and I'm a 16x16 sprite character, riding merily through a country road, birds singing and wind blowing in my digital hair. Or sitting by the fire with my pixelated girl and watching the stars. It's its own little world of beautiful colors and serene landscapes, like a virtual reality experience conveyed through sounds. Pure chiptune bliss!
  4. Sandwaves (EP)
    by Jon Ball
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    The Street Avenger (Ft Bio-Puppet) The Street Avenger (Ft Bio-Puppet)
    This is the sunnier side of Cobweb Recordings - surprisingly mellow compared to the apocalyptic grandeur of Goremall. It's just you and your car, the road ahead of you clear as the sky above you.
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  5. DESYNC (Original Soundtrack, Vol.2)
    by Volkor X
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    The Duel The Duel
    The alien invader is back, with new, improved missiles of mass distortion, two classic weapons -- one of them tweaked for even more lethality -- and one that is a fruit of collaboration with another heavy artillery manufacturer. Dance or die! Respawn. Repeat.
  6. Guns N' Rituals
    by Goremall
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    Blood Moon Blood Moon
    One of the gloomiest synthwave records I've heard -- but not of the demonic occult ilk. No, this is the kind of darkness that I haven't heard since The Prodigy's Jilted Gereration LP or the early Rammstein: it's unsettling and seductive at the same time. You find yourself sinking deeper and deeper into this musical epic of impending doom perpetrated by the most vicious creature of all: human. Apocalypse is marvelous & at times even subtly beautiful as the world goes down to the tune of a piano.
  7. Astro Blaster EP
    by DreamReaper
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    Astro Blaster Astro Blaster
    A record that you won't be able to listen to sitting down. Those juicy basslines and screechy riffs will make you get up and dance, dance, dance. Lock & pop until you drop. It's just irresistible and unstoppable. It doesn't let up till the end. On the contrary: towards the end the tracks tend to spin out of control.
  8. Passion On Tape (Single)
    by VHS Glitch
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    Passion On Tape (VHS Version) Passion On Tape (VHS Version)
    Who knew? The dystopian cyborgist has a soft side, too! Oh, there are moments of beauty and contemplation on those dark epics -- but this is a whole new level. Though if you've seen "Electric Dreams" you know AI is quite adept at romance ;) Important: listen to the VHS version for maximum pleasure!
  9. The Uncanny Valley
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    Disco Inferno Disco Inferno
    Perturbator was my entry drug to synthwave (via Hotline Miami) - but one I could only handle in small doses: one song at a time. Until now! Uncanny Valley is the distillate of everything I love about James' music: it's jazzy, it's angry, it's sexy and beautiful - and it expands upon the established style, cleverly breaking up melodic lines with sudden twists (in Neo Tokyo & Disco Inferno especially) and exploring new grounds. Guest singers shine and Ariel's cover art is his most intricate yet.
  10. Sigils
    by Vulta
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    Robotica Satanica (ft. Hollywood Burns) Robotica Satanica (ft. Hollywood Burns)
    Vulta continues along the dark path, this time bringing something that on the surface sounds more like a follow-up to to the demonic, monastic grandeur of Off-Seasons 2. but does have that untamable, madness of Nabla I, too, with its cascading avalanches of sound. It's a crazy ride to robot hell, and Vulta is the chainsaw-wielding Hades at its throne. Fear him and his dark minions. Hear them roar - and shiver in fear and ecstasy.
  11. Nerostar
    by Witchchord
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    The Science Doesn't Check Out The Science Doesn't Check Out
    An eerie trip through lonely, dark places. Desert roads, shady science labs, dusty movie setpieces. On your journey you'll meet a cast of misfits and loners much like yourself. Except weirder. And dangerous. A creepy van driver. A nutty modern Frankenstein. And aliens. It's a crazy musical ride through 60's/70's B-movie tropes -- with dark, haunting guitars, rapid-fire drums, and surreal electronic moog landscapes. It often feels as if Tool travelled thirty years back.