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  1. The Assassin's Touch
    by Bedlam Brethren
    Black Heroin f/ Kevlaar 7, A Man Called Relik, & Iron Braydz Black Heroin f/ Kevlaar 7, A Man Called Relik, & Iron Braydz
    These guys are intricate with their words and they truly mastered the art of lyricism. Even though I don't understand the mathematics behind their lyrics, I can comprehend that they are on some serieus topics.
  2. The Introduction
    by J. Marie
    Not Enough Not Enough
    Nice RnB from this Indie artist that can easily compete with some of the best in the industry. If I had to compare her music to mainstream artists the names Brandy and Cassie are the first that come to my mind. Cop this if you like solid production, dope songwriting and singing and beautiful harmonies!
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  3. Not Enough
    by J. Marie
    This one been on repeat for the last 12 hours. Even while I was asleep and it still keeps playing now that I'm awake.
  4. Vintage Heart
    by Lydia René
    Only In Time Only In Time
    The mood of this album is very mellow and easy to digest. Lydia René has a very distinct voice and style and I love it. I hope to hear much more from her in the future and that her talent gets recognized by the masses!
  5. Impressions
    by deDunamis
    Standards Standards
    This EP to me is a benchmark to which I compare my own productions. I got a looong way to go :P
  6. Losing Hand Gamble Feat. Rain the Quiet Storm
    by Kevlaar 7
    Rain gives me goosebumps, every time I hear her voice...
  7. The Man With The Iron Fists Soundtrack
    by Soul Temple Music
    Tick, Tock Tick, Tock
    I like the production on this Soundtrack. It is different from RZA's usual sound. It sounds like Live music instead of sampling. KillaSin on The Archer is one of the hardest verses I ever heard! Too bad he's in jail again... Someone needs to help him get his solo album out! It's highly anticipated! At least by me...
  8. The Meridian Gem
    by Zagnif Nori
    Judas Shareholders Pt. II Judas Shareholders Pt. II
    Zagnif is a supreme lyricist! Everything he spits rhymes and he never misses a beat. This album has everything a dope HipHop record should have, from grimey warstories to urban legends to wisdom. I recommend it to anyone that likes OldSchool beats and advanced rhyming!
  9. The Great Migration
    by Bronze Nazareth
    ONE PLAN ft. Byata ONE PLAN ft. Byata
    Bronze has the right voice and the right choice of words to make him a great MC. I also like his production although my friends would disagree. His beats are too grimey for most, but the variaty of his topics make this a fun listen!
  10. "The Commencement" Mixtape
    by Zagnif Nori
    Harsh Windz [feat. Noble Scity & Kevlaar 7] Harsh Windz [feat. Noble Scity & Kevlaar 7]
    Zagnif is the new Rakim.
    Crucial is the new KillaSin.
    Dope Mixtape!!
  11. Noble Scity Mixtape
    by Noble Scity & DJ Modesty
    Intro Intro
  12. Rite of Passage
    by Danamic
    Kindred Spirits [feat. Noble Scity & P. Genz] Kindred Spirits [feat. Noble Scity & P. Genz]
    I like Kindred Spirits a lot because this was the first song I ever heard from Noble Scity. I don't really like Danamics voice as I do the other members of Noble Scity and his lyrics seem less intricate than his peers. Still he's a good lyricist, but the competition from his own crew members, kinda put him in a predicament...
  13. Die Ageless
    by Kevlaar 7
    Losing Hand Gamble Feat. Rain the Quiet Storm Losing Hand Gamble Feat. Rain the Quiet Storm
    Kevlaar 7 is a dope producer with a distinctive sound. I particularly like the featured artist on this record, especially Rain, the Wisemen and of course Noble Scity.
  14. Sophisticated Movement
    by Kevlaar 7 & Woodenchainz
    Life's on the clock Feat. Rain the Quiet Storm Life's on the clock Feat. Rain the Quiet Storm
    The Wisemen are dope contributors to this album. That's mainly the reason why I bought it...