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  1. Hello Hello Everyday
    by Harito
  2. morning
    by fuishoo
  3. 何だかすべて忘れてしまうね
    by V.A
    くちびるから散弾銃(feat.8kg) くちびるから散弾銃(feat.8kg)
    Absolutely love the 8kg track. Wicked J-hop sound!
  4. Omnis
    by ANÚNA
  5. End of an Empire
    by Celldweller
  6. あおなみ線、金城ふ頭行き
    by Theムッシュビ♂ト
    Thankyou 厶ッシュビト for writing one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard in the past few years, which brings back very, very special memories.
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  7. The Mend
    by Kidneythieves
    The Solution Is In The Trees The Solution Is In The Trees
    The voice of NG Resonance* lives on. Still love it!

    *Hologram dancer from Deus Ex: Invisible War; original Xbox game.
  8. Trypt0fanatic
    by Kidneythieves
    Velveteen Velveteen
    Guys, where's Taxicab Messiah?

    Can I getta download?
  9. Lemodie
    by Ochre
    Infotain Me Infotain Me
  10. Like Dust of the Balance
    by Ochre
    Circadies Circadies
    Stirring melodies; helped me focus on studying.

    This will always be part of my soundtrack to leaving home.
  11. Cynara
    by ANÚNA
    Victimae Victimae
  12. Early Learning
    by Ochre
  13. Illuminations
    by ANÚNA
    Dormi Jesu Dormi Jesu
    This music helped inspire me further to leave my old life behind, and start anew elsewhere.
  14. Revelation
    by ANÚNA
    Revelation Revelation