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  1. Unlucky Seven
    by Glen Phillips
    Chapel Perilous Chapel Perilous
    This album is a must for a fan Glen again adds multiple styles on many levels in his music I can only hold him in the category of ever changing music and most unexpected sounds
    and can always expect I will love anything this artist creates
    by Glen Phillips
    Gimme Sympathy Gimme Sympathy
    A great mix of albums in a relaxed setting very personal *Glen live is an unbelievable experience if you can not see this please hear it !!!!! Look for the new album Swallowed by the new ( GET THE NEW CD BUNDLE PACKAGE HERE!!!! HAPPY 25 FEAR Tour 2016
  3. Options - B-sides & Demos
    by Glen Phillips
    Fred Meyers Fred Meyers
    Everyone, support Glen and his new album the fans want it out!!!!!! Options will show you great fave tunes toned differently as always delivered perfectly as I am sure the new one will. Support all artist and the hard road we often forget they live to get it to us
  4. The Architect of the Ruin
    by Toad the Wet Sprocket
    Last To Fall Last To Fall
    I really love this new art. I suggest people add it to your collection, So long sunny takes me to a timeless age I love it. Last to fall so touching on Karma and it's strange choice of hero verses villain in the world of difference in our actions and how we receive the consequence of them and the people that suffer it or enjoy unexpectedly
  5. New Constellation
    by Toad the Wet Sprocket
    Golden Age Golden Age
    I LOVE TOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is different but the wet sprocket is in there
  6. Come Back Down
    by Toad the Wet Sprocket
    The history of love & choices youth and ageing political independence, and naturally a bit of religion is this band. I have loved every track on every album, this is a blessing to me to have a band to call my own. If you want to give different a try (Bread & circus= Pale=Fear=Dulcinea=in light syrup=coil=new constellation) Open your mind so they can melodically and verbaly blow your mind (P.S) They are awesome live!!!! 25 yrs a fan waiting for loads more work from any of these talented musicians
  7. It Doesn't Feel Like Christmas
    by Toad the Wet Sprocket
    A TOAD CHRISTMAS!!!!How cool
  8. Coyote Sessions
    by Glen Phillips
    Gabriel Gabriel
    The history of love & choices youth and ageing political independence, and naturally a bit of religion is this band.I wrote that about the band TTWS) Glen is the most honest fearless musician I have loved his and his bands journey to make my heart and soul almost complete. Amazing is the adventure I live loving this musician from childhood. Glens solo career is a huge part of my family's life, this album shows him raw in form amazing as adorned he is my favorite artist, give his taste a lick:)
  9. Abulum
    by Glen Phillips
  10. Tornillo
    by Glen Phillips
    I Still Love You I Still Love You
    I feel upbeat as well as folky listening to these tracks, so many instruments to fulfill the craving of needing something different-mellow and smooth, such a delight to listen to a poetic artist such as Glenn Phillips
  11. Everything But You - Glen Phillips & Sara Watkins
    by Steve Poltz
    This tune just lifts me I love it in full raw form and love love Sara Watkins, WPA rules!!!!! Glen is one of my favorite writers slash musician I enjoy easing into my 40's and still have his music to inspire myself and the new ears I introduce his awesome music to... 23 years a fan
  12. Mr. Lemons
    by Glen Phillips
    Marigolds Marigolds
    Mr Lemons to date is my "if I were on a desert island for life and only had few choices list, that my good sir is one I would insist upon. I support Glen Phillips on stage it sofa Sundays I always tip
    In hopes Glen will continue all the side jobs he offers his devoted fans thank you Glen for enlightening my life.
    Always a toad/Glen fan!!!
  13. Live at Largo
    by Glen Phillips
    Fred Meyers Fred Meyers
    .I can only explain the compassion and power of love and pain joy and fear feeling of freedom I have experienced following a faithful writer that is Glen. I have had the pleasure to shake his hand briefly and it was awesome the hands responsible for an era of poetry that is timeless music and more.Great fan album love Largo(I LOVE TOAD HALL OF FAME COME GET THEM SOOOOON!!