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Émanuel Duguay

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  1. Hiraeth
    by Shy, Low
  2. Monument du non-être & Mouvement du non-vivant
    by Milanku
  3. Racines Nordik
    by Les Bâtards du Nord
  4. Le Fer, la mer et la bière
    by Les Bâtards du Nord
  5. La Terre nous appelle
    by Les Bâtards du Nord
  6. De paille et d'or
    by lekraken
  7. Split w/ Junius
    by Rosetta
  8. Flies to Flame
    by Rosetta
  9. A Determinism of Morality
    by Rosetta
  10. A Dead-Ender's Reunion
    by Rosetta
  11. GOD ROOT S/T
    by GOD ROOT
  12. Perennial Phase
    by LUME
  14. Parousia I - Kismet II
  15. To Scale a Mountain EP
    by A Film In Color
  16. Impending
    by Black Tremor
  17. Black Tremor / Sea Witch split
    by Black Tremor / Sea Witch
  18. Bateau Noir
    by Bateau Noir
  19. Petit éloge de l'amitié à l'ère d'la marde
    by Tintamare
  20. Rapide Sept
  21. T O W E R
    by CHRIST
  22. La sauvagerie des heures
    by Bateau Noir
  23. Undiscovered Country of Old Death and Strange Years in the Frightful Past
    by KYOTY
  24. Spectral Domain
    by Dead Sea Apes
  25. Else
    by Solids
  26. Figure and Ground
    by Atsuko Chiba
  27. Veles
    by Au Revoir
  28. Kids on the Run
    by Bummer
  29. The Weak and the Wounded
    by Alaskan
  30. Mòn
    by Appalaches
  31. Totem
    by Baton Rouge
  32. Fontarabie
    by Fontarabie
  33. Generic Dogs EP
    by Solids
  34. Self-titled
    by lekraken
  35. Exalt
    by lekraken
  36. Cartel Pigeon
    by Cartel Pigeon
  37. A Surgeons Lament
    by Bad Uncle
  38. Olibrius Folkestra
    by Olibrius Folkestra
  39. C'pas près d'changer
    by Les Chiens De Ruelles
  40. Black Hills
    by Au Revoir
  41. Flower EP
    by Skydrom.
  42. Grand Morne
  43. Animalia: Several States of Being
    by Atsuko Chiba
  44. Jinn
    by Atsuko Chiba
  45. Et si la suite était [...
    by Alam al-Mithal